The Belief System of Abundance 3 Mindset SHIFTS that Change Everything

I'm going to be sharing with you the belief system of abundance. Understanding three mindset shifts that when you'd make changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the belief system of true abundance, understanding three mindset shifts, his little tweaks in our minds that when we begin to make changes the whole way that we relate to that of abundance so that we really start to create what we want in our lives in a completely new way.

This is something I'm going to be speaking about because I believe when it comes to abundance, many people hold themselves back from the true natural abundance of who they are because of certain identities, because of certain ways that they see themselves and just making a couple little tweaks makes all the difference.

This is something that I've learned to experience. This is something I've learned through a long time of understanding of the Law of Attraction and how the. When I really, really want something, a lot of times what happens is that creates resistance and then I end up blocking more of it from coming into my life, so it's about understanding vibrational resonance at the same time as well, because if you were to imagine right now, the best version of you that's doing exactly what you want to be doing and you live in the kind of abundance that you want.

You notice that that version of you that you can imagine isn't trying really hard to get anything because that version of you already has that which you want. When you realize this, then what you can see is, okay, how can I focus on more so been in the vibration of what I want and how can I see that what I want already exists?

You see the world around us is something that is simply a reflection of what we believe to be true and if we believe that abundance is scarcity doesn't come around very often, and so it is. That's the reflection that we get. If we believe money is bad, then guess what? Money is bad, and guess what?

We're not bad, so we wouldn't want us to perceive money because if we had money then it means we were bad too. But a lot of times we had these mixed associations and these mixed beliefs about who we are and by having that we end up blocking money from flowing into our lives and a much easier way. The first mindset shift that this totally changed my life when I understood this is this little understanding that I think right now will help you shift your perspective about abundance.

Understand that in actuality there is no such thing as lack or scarcity. There is no such thing. What we think of as lack or scarcity is just an abundance of lack or scarcity. The idea is that there's an abundance of everything around us is simply that we get more of what we're focused on and we get a reflection of what we believe to be true.

But if we create lack, it's coming from creating from the illusion that there is not enough to go around, but we're actually creating that. Another part of this shift happens when you realize that anything in your life that you've created, you from a certain level have chosen it.

You may say, well, I didn't choose for this or I didn't choose to have this belief that money is bad or to believe that money doesn't come easily. I didn't choose for that. Well, you did at a certain level because even if your parents, you learn that from your parents, you accepted the notion. Like if somebody came up to you right now and said something ridiculous to you, maybe said something about how much they like someone came up to me right now.

I use this analogy all the time, but if someone came up to you right now and he's like, Hey Aaron, I hate your orange shirt. It's horrible. Is very ugly. I don't know why you wear it. I wouldn't, you know, first off, I wouldn't even. Even if they said I don't like your black shirt, I'd be like, you know what?

I don't even care. But if they said I don't like your orange shirt, then I'd be like, well, I don't even agree with your premise that this is an orange shirt, so therefore I'm not even going to take that in. I'm not going to even accept that notion that this is an orange shirt. I don't even relate with what you're saying.

But what we do is that we take in these notions when someone says, Oh, you know, it's hard to do this, or you're out of like a little tea with your friends, and they're like, oh, is he? Did you see this? Well, there's an economic recession. If you agree to that reality, then it will be your reality, but it first comes from an agreement. Instead of a green with everything, when people tell you things, you can accept it, you can observe it at that moment, you can either accept it or reject it.

What I encourage you to do is observe it to just be neutral about it, to understand that it's just a neutral idea, and when you understand that, then you could look around and see that you get an abundance of everything. When you start thinking of it like that and you treat every situation is if you chose it, that's when things begin to change because then you start to take responsibility for everything you see.

If we remained in this mindset of the blocks and all of this stuff, then what we do is we ended up in resistance and when we're in resistance, we actually hold that thing in place. Anything that we're pushing away, we're still focused on pushing that thing away, but it's about being aware of the abundance that's already naturally around us at all times.

It's just that we might be creating the illusion of lack or scarcity, which actually means we're getting an abundance of not what we want or the abundance of the opposite of what we want, so treat it as if you chose it, you chose it from a certain perspective. Then you can take responsibility for its responsibility.  When we decide we know that we're making these choices, that's when we take our power back.

That's when we get aside exactly what we want to create, but the first step in all this process is always taken responsibility for where we are and then realizing that we did choose it from a certain perspective. Abundance all naturally around you at all times. The second mindset shift that you can make is by letting go of your definition of abundance and expanding it. For a long time, I thought that abundance was only money.

That's all the buttons are and I thought because that's a symbol that I use it, but see we are using certain symbols of abundance, but we limit ourselves when we only allow abundance to flow through one channel and that channel being that has financial money. Understand money has no meaning other than the agreement that we have in society that we give it. Money's not even backed by gold.

I'm just saying that money isn't what you think it is, but we agree that $100 gets you about this much of this and this much of this. We agreed to that. Knowing that money is a neutral idea. I'm not saying to think that money is bad because it's not backed by gold. That's relevant. Let's just see money as more of an energetic source of resources and when you limit your resources to a paper thing that comes into your life, you limit yourself in many ways.

When I made this shift, this is what happened. I made the shift about a year and a half ago, but a year ago I made this shit about a year and a half ago. All I did was I said, you know what? For some reason, I got it in my mind that abundance means money, so I'm going to drop that definition. I became aware of where that definition came from.

Social conditioning, media. See movie stars and see these celebrities in magazines, nice houses. Oh, money. I want that. I would feel so. Hold on, complete. If I had all of that and I look at that and that's what I thought, but then what I realize is I'm limiting myself. I said, "You know what? I'm going to allow money to. I'm going to allow abundance to flow through whatever way it wants." Within a month of doing this.

I think it was within two or three weeks I get an email from a place in Costa Rica that's a life transformation place and they say, Hey Aaron, I see your YouTube channel. If you would come here, make a couple of videos and posts it on your channel, you can come here for three. By the way, it's a $5,000 value for you to come here. It's for free. You get free organic food every single day.

You get breadth workshops and all this other cool stuff and you get it for free. I said, okay, cool. And I looked at that and I said, I'm going to do that and that's why I ended up doing and that's when I realized that, hey, there's more than just this of money that can come through and I had this belief and I thought that money was the only way that comes through, but guess what?

I let that go, and then that happened and at that moment I realized there's much more, more ways of opportunities to come in. Then just that have money, but we must let that go. I know someone that owns this business that I could introduce you to that I think you would vibe with, and then you would say, no, that's not money.

I don't want to talk to that person because that has nothing to do with me making money and that would limit you, but instead of what you could do is you could realize I'm going to trust the process and realize that opportunity could be just as good if not better than money. I'm here in Sedona right now and I've met with me and my buddy victor are meeting with other YouTubers and other people and there's a cool opportunity. We're learning a lot of stuff. It's knowledge and information now.

Maybe it's not a one on reflection like we're meeting up with these people and they're like, Hey Aaron, victor, we love what you're doing. Here's some money. Here you go. But maybe the knowledge and the information we're getting from masterminding in talking to these other creators, it's an opportunity for us and then creates what we want or like, hey, there's a button's there, but it's not financial money.

We're not like, oh, it's not paper. I don't get it. Well, what's the value in that? But you see a lot of people run around their whole lives chasing paper and the paper has no meaning, and then when they get the paper they realize, hey, this really doesn't mean much. I realized that in my own life too, guys, I have become more and more abundant, seen certain dollar amounts of my bank account that I'd never seen before and I'm going, Whoa, this is really cool. But then after, after a couple, a couple of days, I'm like, it really means nothing. Yes, I go by what I want right now, but it's just a dollar amount. But guess what? I'm more focused on the vibration of me doing what I love. I'm more focused on me in the emotion of creating videos like I'm doing right now.

You can't put a dollar amount on me making these videos because I love to do it. You see that's the. That's the shift that we can begin to experience. Drop your definition of money. Think about it right now. Money is blank. I believe money is blank. What comes after that? What comes up in your mind as money?

Status is money means there's money you have to do with identity. You see, be aware of what you currently believe because all that stuff's on autopilot and when you let go of it, that's when things really began to change. The third mindset shift with money, so it changed my life is like I said, made it go knowing that it's a resource, but also putting it through this filter. There's like this filter that we can begin to filter our understandings through and asking, does this add value to other people?

Don't think of the money. Think of the value. You may say, well, Hey Aaron, you're in the personal development industry. You, you, you're in the business of adding value. I'm an artist. I like to paint. How is that adding value? That is adding value because everything is interpretation. Everything is vibration, and if somebody gets a certain emotion from looking at your art are very experienced in what you do, then that's that may say, well, I'm a comedian.

I don't add value. You do add value. You increase people state and people's emotion. It's all depending on how you frame it. They can get their focus on what they love to do, which is acting and have been progressing themselves and learning as much as they can to become better.

A better actress or whatever it is, but very few of the best people are the people that we look at it like, oh my God, they're so amazing. Those people aren't focused on just the dollar amount. They're focused on what they love to do, so have this filter that go that you run things through and you say, does what I'm focused on align with and through that filter and what you'll notice is that if it doesn't, then a lot of times that's assigned not to do certain things.

It's a funny thing, but if I make a YouTube video that I think we'll get a lot of views. Guess what? It usually, the energy doesn't come through as well and when I do it, it's never on YouTube. It's never the videos that you think are going to pop.

Usually, it's the videos I put out, I'm like, I don't know, put that out. I'll put it out loud, know wasn't that great. Whatever, whatever, whatever. And then those definitely have that pops. But the one that I like, you know what? I worked a lot on this title, this thumbnails epic, all that stuff. And it does. Okay, but the thing is, is what is the energy behind it? When said, what I do is I say, you know what, I want this video to add a lot of value.

I did a meditation that I released yesterday for example, and the energy behind the meditation that I released yesterday was I just want this to transform as many people's lives as possible. It was a worthiness meditation and I had great intentions. It wasn't to get views or this or that, and the energy was very peer and because of that, see hundreds of comments of people that they're saying they're lives are transformed because of it because it's an energetic thing.

It's not just the words of the intellectual things. It's about being aware of all of that and making sure that you're doing it for the right reasons. Understand every single one of us are connected to each other in the world. When we add value to other people, that comes back to us. But when people are focused on just the money is focused on just the themes, then what happens is that ends up becoming energy that just like constricted within the ego, outward flow, outward flow.

What are you giving? What are you adding value? It could be an emotion, could be on you're a comedian, could be you're doing art, could be that you are spreading good vibes as a manager, whatever it is, you have a nine to five job, doesn't matter. Focus on adding value.

The more value you add, the more that comes back to you, the more maybe than you'll outgrow where you currently are if you want to grow past it, but abundance is about seeing things as more of in alignment with your soul, and guess what? Your soul is not focused on how much money can you make? Can you make the most amount of money possible? That's the ego and the identification.

It'll be aware of it. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm not saying you can't attract that of winning the lottery or have any of that stuff, but I'm saying that you're focused on the wrong things. Focus on more of getting to your core, adding value, doing what you love for the sake of doing what you love, and notice that the money comes towards you anyways, and when you have that perspective, you will not only get what you want, but you will feel great in the process

and when you feel great in the process, it makes the whole entire process easier. One last thing I'd like to say to you, say yes to the present moment. Just say yes. Allow whatever is to come up. If you feel experienced resistance, when you think about abundance, that's okay. Don't judge yourself.

Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, say yes to the present moment. Say Yes to whatever your definition of belief, your belief about money is. Be aware of it. Don't resist it, and then change it. If you decide, reframe it, see it from a new perspective. You think money is bad. You think people are about. If they have a lot of money, be aware of it. Don't be mad at it. Look at it and say, you know what?

The idea is that there is always whatever we look for when you find so start to look for things that reinforced the way that you prefer to be. If you make these three mindset shifts, your whole entire life will change. Understand abundance is all around you. If you experience lack, you're experiencing an abundance of lack. That's coming from focus. Shift your focus. Shift your life.

Remember that everything in your life is a reflection of what you believe to be true. If you change the definitions, you also change the reflection that you get and that if you simply have to start to have more fun in the process and you put it through the filter of, does this add value? Am I enjoying this?

What is the vibrational state of in? As I go through this, your life will begin to change. The philosophy of everything I'm sharing with you right now comes from understanding how you can create a shift within your life and there's something that I'm creating right now.

It's called the Shift Experience with Aaron Doughty. It's going to be a live event plus a course that you can get to experience a shift in your vibrational state of consciousness. It will be available the next couple months. You'll also get added to my email list, so I will send you newsletters almost every single day. People always commented like, thank you for the emails because I email four to six times a week. If that's something that you're interested in, then you could do that as well.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.