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You are so powerful that you can even create the illusion that you're powerless or that you are stuck and the cool thing is that once you let go of that, once you realize the truth of the matter, that's when the whole entire energy dynamic changes and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to get unstuck and how to be powerful by understanding that you're doing it to yourself. It's actually what's happening is you're so powerful that you can create the illusion, you're not powerful and when we start to see it from that point of view, we then start to ask new questions. We then start to ask, why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? Why am I creating this for myself? And anytime we get to something where we feel stuck, what that means is there's some type of definition or block in our own mind. It says something that it's a something. It's a something that is there because we almost are insisting that it's there. There's been times in my life as where, well, what you do is you just simply let go of that resistance and you allow the stuckness to be there many times it then transforms. It's a very powerful thing and I remember specifically when we feel stuck, we feel like the story we're telling ourselves, that we believe something to be true and we believe that that story is static. This is the way it is. This is the way it's going to continue to be. Because of that we stay inside of that reality.

I remember specifically as well that it can, many times we use it as motivation. I remember feeling stuck and powerless in one specific scenario at the old job that I had. Many of you may know my story. I used to work at Barney's in New York and selling women's shoes and it was a sales commission job and there was this time when the upper management there, I mean it was there probably the whole time I was there, but they were, it was very much like a corporate type thing where like the store manager was very controlling and he would stress out the managers under him and then those managers would put stress on us as sales employees. I worked in women's shoes and there was this a day that I went in and I got brought up to the office and there was this office room called the situation room.

Don't know why they called it the situation room. Doesn't that sound so negative? It could've been like the conference room or like the magical fairyland room. But no, it was the situation room. I walk into the situation room and there is the store manager who I didn't really get along with. I just thought he was very controlling and negative and too way, way too serious. It's my department manager who was a nice guy, but he's also just kind of serious cause he was being pressured by the other manager. Then there was also a regional manager. All three managers were there and they're like, Aaron, very seriously come into the situation room and sit down. I'm like, okay. I'm going, you know where it is. Suits, I'm, you know, it's what I wear a suit every day to work, you know, selling a woman's shoes at Barney's in New York.

The average price when it was like $800. It was like a high-end kind of a stuffy type environment to be honest. I go in and I sit down and I'm like, okay, what's going on? Like will you please in this situation room? Look over at the projector. There was a projector right there. What they did is they then showed me, they showed me this image, they showed me this video. It's a 10-minute-long video, 10 minutes long, and they wanted me to watch this whole entire 10 minute long video and this video was of me. It was a camera that was on me in the back stockroom on my phone. Here is the thing at this store, not trying to justify it, but at the store you will be standing around for sometimes four hours without a single customer coming in because it's so slow because it's such a high-end place, you only need like one or two customers to have a good day.

You'd just be stayed around for four hours. What we would do is we'd have other coworkers, we'd have someone on the sales floor, one of us would go back and just chill for like 30 minutes while there's no customers on the floor and then we would take turns. It's kind of like as long as some when someone's on the sales floor to help someone if they need help, then it was okay. I'm going to go on the back and just kind of be on the phone. This is one of those times where I was on my phone for like 10 minutes straight. Well what they did is they were making, they wanted me to watch the whole entire 10-minute video in silence with them and I was like, after about 30 seconds, it's like, okay, I get it. I was on my phone; you guys want me to be on my phone? They're like, no, Aaron, keep watching the video. I'm like, okay. I keep watching the video and I was like, no, I've got another 15 seconds. Like guys, I get the point.

They were like, let's just keep watching it. I was like, I'm not going to keep watching it. I get the point, it shouldn't be on my phone. In that moment, the way they talked down to me after, like just in general after that, they talked down to me so much made me feel so small, so powerless. I felt stuck at that nine to five job I didn't like here is what I did though. I used that situation as motivation. After that, they're like, if you ever found do that again, you're going to get like last and final or something like that. Like they're not a threat. You can know leave the situation room, good luck selling shoes and having a good date. Like, okay, now I'm going to go and have a great day selling shoes cause I'm in such a great mood now that this happened. But here's what I did. I took and I use that as motivation.

I use that to change my story. I realize I'm working this nine to five job that I don't really enjoy. Shortly after that I made the choice to go daily on YouTube and that changed everything. I remember even as he was talking to me, the two or three managers were talking to me. I remember thinking to myself, I don't want to ever have a boss. I do not want a boss. The only reason I did sales commission job is because I could put my own intention and have my own, like the own benefits of it from my own intention. Every day was different, so it was commissioned. I kind of liked that, but I was like, after that I was like, I do not want a boss. I want to be my own boss. I will never have someone tell, talk to me like that again. You see, when we talk about being powerless or stuck, sometimes you can use these negative situations and you can reframe them to say, no, never again.

This means this. Then you go in a new direction. That's exactly what I did. I may not be living the life of my dreams right now at the level that I am. Maybe if that situation didn't happen because of the meaning I gave it. It comes from meaning when we talk about, I felt powerless with my whole ex step mom situation between seven and 15 years old where I was beat down physically, mentally, emotionally, not allowed to have friends, not allowed to eat enough food many times just locked outside, having to work all day with my brother. When I look at that after my dad divorced her when I was 15 then I still felt powerless and I still felt like unworthy, but you want to know when it changed. When I went through my spiritual awakening, I realized the meaning I was giving it. The meaning we give to past situations tends to still have power of over us in the now unless we change that meaning.

I realized that my spiritual awakening led me that that negative situation with my ex step-mom between seven to 15 years old, that led me to the pressure of my spiritual awakening years later when I was like 21 and it changed my entire life so I didn't change the meaning and then I started to feel powerful. I started to feel not so stuck because of the meaning wasn't so heavy. This is exactly what it's about. It's about becoming aware of what I call, this is what it is by the way I called them identity beliefs, identity beliefs, identity beliefs, our beliefs about who we are and if we believe that we are powerless, if we believe we're not worthy, then that is our experience and reality will reflect that back to us. We may feel powerless and go out to the world and then other people treat us like we're not worthy. Other people talk down to us. I've been with people before and I've seen the way someone talks to someone else that I'm with and I'm like, why don't you let someone talk to you like that? Or how does someone even talk to you like that?

Like they would never talk to me like that and I don't know if it's my own, it's my own or my own boundaries, but understand that if you have these negative identity beliefs, they're on autopilot. They're going to continue to attract the same situations over and over again, which means you continue to feel stuck. You continue to feel like you don't have power, which of course you do. People treat you a certain way, people may take advantage of you. People may not value you for who you really are. This is part of the side effect of having what are called negative identity beliefs. And when you change that, it changes everything. When I learned meditation and more specifically when I learned how to observe these beliefs and completely release them, it changed my whole entire life. I went from working that nine to five job to doing what I love. I went from feeling the pain of my past to realizing how it fueled me. I went from feeling on a scale of one to 10 with 10 feeling amazing, one feel not so great, a feeling like a three out of 10, which wasn't great at all as my base point to feeling like a seven or eight. It was because I changed those negative identity beliefs that it changed everything.

This really is the key change your negative identity, beliefs, beliefs about who you are. I used to believe I had ADHD. That was the reality I experienced because I believed it. I change and I reframed that and that changed about me. I then used to believe that I wasn't worthy because of the meaning I gave to the past. Therefore, that was my reality and I kept attracting people. I remember I kept tracking people in my life that was the same personalities, ex step-mom. There was a girl, an extra friend that was like that. Then there was also a manager that I had at Nordstrom's before I went to Barneys New York. The only two store swords I really ever worked for was Nordstrom's for years and then Barneys for years. Nordstrom's. I had to manage. That was the same exact way as my next step.

I had the ex-girlfriend in my life within a week of breaking up with that ex-girlfriend, I got transferred to the better department at Nordstrom's, which seems like a really great thing, but the manager, that department was the same as my ex step mom. There was always someone in my life to control me until I became aware of that pattern. Maybe you find that you keep attracting people in your life that make you feel powerless, make you feel stuck, understand there's a pattern there and when you let go of that pattern, that pattern is linked to those identity beliefs. If you change those identity beliefs, the changes, everything, and the way that I did that is through meditation.

Understanding not just any meditation though and meditation that goes beyond the identity and what I'll do is this blog will come out right now when I have something that is now out called mind shift meditations. These are five meditations with five modules meant to transform your life, for you to take your power back, live life on your terms in five weeks or less guaranteed. Also, all my favorite documentaries, music I listened to, it's called the epiphany. It's really cool. But anyways, this is something that I'm very passionate about, that the most powerful meditations I've ever created. The whole entire idea behind it was, can you, you feel stuck if you feel powerless, if you feel unworthy, it comes from an identity belief. And if you want to change those, I have those five meditations will make you go beyond your identity and it will completely change from the inside out.

You can start to be empowered to create life on your terms so that she could start to feel worthy to attract someone in your life to attract, to just feel that love from within. That's the idea of Mindshift Meditations. Check it out right now. It's the best time to join with all the bonuses included and realize the only reason you're stuck is because you believe you're stuck and there's some attachment that you have to labels. There's some block that you feel because of something you're insisting about your current story. Your story is not static. You can change your story right now. The idea is if you feel stuck right now, you continue to change to feeling stuck. You see what I mean? Your new person right now, your new person right now, it's a new moment. It's a new moment. It's a new moment, but what's happening is we're saying, I'm stuck. I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm stuck. You're not stuck. You're just you working through this energy. If you allow yourself to let go of that, let go of that belief like all of the story you'll let go of being stuck. That's exactly what Mindshift Meditations is made for and helps to do so.


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