The Top 3 Things I’ve Learned from Meditation

Every now and then I’ll come across what I call an Epiphany. This is a realization of an idea or concept that profoundly changes the way I perceive my life. Sometimes it will come when I am researching a specific topic, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. Meditation has triggered many Epiphanies within me and has expanded my view of possibility. These 3 realizations are the most profound truths I’ve come across in my own experience. Mediation has the ability to transcend the limited thinking mind and to expand the scope of perception. All the answers are inward and can easily be tapped into by bringing the awareness into the body and the moment of now.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.

Daniel Cook - October 6, 2016

This is your uncle Daniel. How did you first get into meditation? You have learned much and more, and I am glad you did.

Kristin O - October 17, 2017

I cannot believe all this time “the awareness is in the body” when I have been trying to get out of my body. The reason I am listening to your youtube and not someone else is because I have alot of energy like you, and everyone is always asking me how I have so much energy, so I am constantly trying to think things through more.

Mary Buckeyne - October 28, 2017

Watched the video. I am going to share this with my grandson in a moment. I am really being blessed by what you share. You’re putting into words some things I knew but couldn’t communicate to others. Keep up the good work!

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