7 Secrets “They” Don’t Want You to Know


What we think is going on in the world looks a certain way, but what if there was some type of intention behind that because the structures in place then keep people into a certain state of consciousness, which then means has them externalize their power to keep the power dynamics at play that had been alive for many years. Today, I'm going to be showing you the secrets. They don't want you to know when you're probably wondering yourself right now, bro, bro, who is they? Okay with quotations around it. If there's quotations around it, then you know that there's much more going on than you even know now who they are. First off, when I went through my awakening back in 2012, I realized certain things about reality. I realized that when it comes to meditation, how powerful that was. I began to question my reality, and the question certain labels that I had me living in a certain box. Then I started to in a way be open to a lot of these things that I found and believed to be hidden that was kind of hidden behind the government in away.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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As I started to look into it, I had discernment and was able to kind of sift through it. Everyone has the ability to have that kind of discernment. What I eventually realized also because there was someone in my life that is aware and was around some things for a long time, for over 20, 30 years, and this is somebody that worked at an underground base and didn't tell me too much but did say a couple of things. That showed me that there's really a lot more going on. It wasn't just something I read in a book wasn't just some conspiracy theory. It was literally someone in my life told me that I've known for a long time, been something told me something that then opened my mind up to this whole entire world and basically had to do with understanding underground basis that there are underground bases all over the US where there's a lot of different types of experiments going on and that the government for sure knows of certain things.

That's what really opened my mind to realize. There's a lot more going on. These are going to be the seven secrets I believe. They don't want you to know. They could consider being, you know, first, off you have this stuff called the Illuminati. I got the Illuminati and everyone thinks that the Illuminati is, Oh my goodness, we have so much power. The truth is the Illuminati is kind of like what kind of like be the cheerleaders for people that are behind the scenes, that really are the ones that make the moves. They're in quotations make the move. We do all these traditions and stuff and then we do a whole bunch of dark, dark stuff once you get deep into it. But the key to this is realizing they're kind of like the cheerleaders. Okay. Maybe there are even deeper levels to this. I believe that there are certain people that are kind of behind the scenes kind of orchestrating certain things so that certain things happen. Because the thing is when people are in fear, the much easier lead able to be controlled. Okay. This is a dynamic that I've realized and if you look to the past to kind of be able to see it in many ways, and that's why you kind of looked at the mainstream media and certain things that you can completely see how ridiculous a lot of it is. Especially once you know this. Okay. Anyways, let's get into it.

The first secret they don't want you to know is that there is an underground basis around the United States. For more clarity on this, I've seen a show on Gajda that is called cosmic disclosure with Emery Smith. Used to be that also of Corey Goode. They talk about underground bases that they went to and there've been many others, what do they call whistleblowers that have been to these underground bases and they say very similar things. If they were lying about it, then it's almost like they all got together and made up this whole thing together and had all these very specific details about it as well. But with it and you or they're just like the JK rounding of making stuff up because it is super detailed and you can just also feel that it's authentic and hearing about it. It's like, wow, they've had technology beyond what we can imagine for a very long time. There are episodes with Emery Smith who is this guy that was kind of like a biologist. He was involved with doing some experiments underground or in these underground bases. He had to do with the kind of like helping to take apart and to understand the biology of different extraterrestrial races, which that implies number two, ETS exists. Okay. This is something they also don't want you to know, but first off, the underground basis all around the United States, and in many different parts of the world as well, not just United States, but, apparently maybe the army is in a way protecting it, but it's not necessarily just the army government doing this. There are private corporations that go in there that do these different types of experiments and stuff like that. As I said, I know someone in my life that knows about this and that has been around it.

There's somebody that I know and trust that has told me this is something that does exist now. Why would they not talk about a lot of the stuff happening on these underground bases? If you go to gaia.com/aaron, you will see my portal page there with all of my favorite shows and all that stuff and I think you'll get two weeks for free. What a deal, right? You would just get it. You just get it, binge watch as much as you want, and then you got two weeks’ worth of a cosmic disclosure. You pretty much binge-watched the whole seasons. Then they took out the ones with Corey. Good for some reason, but Emery Smith is there. You can look at many different whistleblower sources that talk about this. Plus, you can also just go to Sedona. Once you go to Sedona, you will stand outside and you will just see each, he's, these lights move in these weird distortions. It's not like, oh, I don't like, no. Satellites will move like this. Right? This is just in general when it comes to ETS and it's like we've got the infinite universe that goes out and such vast differences. Our minds cannot even comprehend it. That's how vast infinity is. And yet there's this infinite universe. But nope, we are the one, we are the one planet and all of the universe. This is the way it works. This is how it is. We were created so many thousand years ago. This is, come on bro. Like this is real. Like that's so improbable. It's so improbable. However, with this as well, why, why wouldn't they want us to know about an underground basis? Well, you know, maybe I'll talk about this a little bit. Maybe a lot of the taxpayer money goes towards making these elaborate huge underground bases. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe if we knew the eighties exists, maybe we'd have crushed our government more.

Maybe if we realized that the government knew about ETS for a long time, not even the government behind whatever knew about it for a long time. Maybe it would be like, why didn't you tell us, bro? Maybe a lot of these ETS as well or more benevolent than malevolent. Yes, of course. In the universe there's a little bit of good, there's a little bit of bad, maybe a lot of good, maybe a lot of that, but I believe that most of the extra-terrestrial beings that we would talk to that are of a higher-level consciousness than us would be beings of love and light that understand that we're all connected. If you check out the books, the Law of One, which I recommend a lot, talks a lot about ETS. It talks a lot about how the government's known about it. How the government has many different types of crafts that they have found that had either wrecked and then they reverse-engineered. There's just something more going on there. That's all I have to say about that. I mean there's actually a lot more to say and I have, I've made a lot of videos on this, but I believe that you know, I'm also a fan of Bashar. He says that the highest likelihood of disclosure, not even disclosure, first contact will be between 2025 to 2040. There's a high degree of probability that things will open up between then to where then we have the potential to have some type of contact and that contact, a lot would have to happen until then, to be honest. But that contact may have to also do with understanding that we are connected to everything else on the planet.

We are also connected to many of these ETE beings like understand this as well. Just from another logical point of view of understanding the kind of spirituality. We're eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. We have not only incarnated our energy on earth, but we've also most likely incarnated our energy into other reality systems because that's how big our soul is. Because of that, we probably have connections in these different star systems and maybe a lot of them are higher dimensional beings that understand we're all connected. Those would be the more 11 malevolent, malevolent, malevolent beings. The third one is that they don't want you to know that six major corporations own almost all the MSM. What does MSM stand for? It is a cool way of lingo for seeing mainstream media. It makes me sound like I know something.

Not that many other people know or like with my friends were like, Hey, have you checked the MSM lately? They're like, no, of course, because none of that stuff is really that accurate, but MSM is owned by six major corporations. These corporations may have on a certain agenda, maybe just maybe the media is a puppet show for bead does party at this party and we go and we argue with each other, but maybe one of the reasons, this works so well is because it keeps people divided. Maybe by putting and having these agendas and keeping people in fear, people are then much more easily able to be controlled and they will look to the government for certainty. That'd be told what to do. The government says, Hey, where it matched and they go, okay, I'm going to wear a mask. This sounds safe. I'm going to eat my Big Mac, I'm going to go to McDonald's and eat food that is filled with poison and then where my math because I want to be safe. Doesn't that logically make sense? Even though they've also shown that by wearing a mask, what you do is you are breathing stuff in and then everything you breathe out is going against the mask and then I mastered going against your face. But if you see enough people do it on MSM, see how cool I am? MSM. Okay. Anyways, the fourth thing they don't want you to know is that obviously certain psychedelics have been illegal for a very long time. Why would that be? Is it because when people take a few mushrooms, they go out violently, shoot up different places. Could it be that when people do psychedelics they are just extremely uncontrollable and will try to hurt everyone in insight or could it be that when people do psychedelics they begin to question the reality structure that they were given that they have grown up in?

Could it be that people start to think for themselves and that maybe somehow it opens up what they've tradition has called for thousands of years? The third eye community is that that causes a lot of problems for people, for the government because then people don't want to just go with the flow. I'm just saying that I've noticed that psychedelics have been illegal for a long time without very much reason behind it. Like when you see someone smoking a joint, they normally just do that. The stereotypical is they just do that in the chill. I'm not like endorsing and saying, hey everyone, go do this right now. Because they don't want you to know. But it's mainly there are other agendas here and I want to become aware of this. It becomes very obvious that the system isn't in a way set up to keep people in vibration and the current state of consciousness. They were like, yeah, I guess you're right. But he said there'll be some bumps in the road, but it is going in that direction, which means that maybe it takes a while for it to become like IO or something to become legal, but eventually, so that's just something else.

Now, number five, fear is their greatest weapon. If they keep you in fear, then you're much more easily able to be controlled. If you buy into it, then it's adding energy to it. Even believing that they are scary and have power is what's given them power. They will even maybe one of the reasons they have the Illuminati is because by having the Illuminati and kind of having it in front of our face, maybe then some people get afraid and like, oh my goodness, they're going to do something. It gives them power. They don't actually have. A lot of this is understanding that when you see the fear on the MSM, maybe that fear is there to keep you in fear. Maybe that fear is there to literally keep you in fear. Because when you're in fear, you think you're just going to do whatever you're told, you're going to look to authority and that's been the greatest weapon. When you find the MSM taking photos from another hospital in a different country and then passing it off as this country like that would prove to do that kind of raises a red flag when they say that certain places are completely booked out as far as hospitals go. But then you'll find a guy that breaks into a hospital and puts it on social media of him running around an empty hospital that was claimed to be open. That also raises some flags. Doesn't mean nothing's going on in the world. Doesn't mean this is just fairyland stuff. No, but I'm saying just, just, you begin to see holes in some of this and maybe there's intention there. This sixth secret, they don't want you to know is that do you believe your taxes go straight the roads?

40% of my taxes go towards the road. It goes towards building roads. Well, what if just, you know, I know that sometimes these conspiracy theories sound kind of crazy. But understand also if you feel negative about conspiracy theories, you want to know why? Because the CIA back in the day said, Hey, let's develop this negative connotation around this word. We'll create the word itself and then people will be afraid to ever question the government or anything the CIA is doing. Also, let's get some really cool James Bond movies out there so that people start to think that the CIA is actually really cool. They go home to their wives and their kids are like, look, this is what we do in real life when it's not probably what they really do. I don't know though, I'm just talking out loud. I'm just a guy on YouTube. It seems that the way that this kind of back government, whatever we call it, the way it works in the way it has worked for a long time is you give a problem, and then you got people that are open to a certain solution. Back in the day, what if they had a problem? Maybe they went to war or something like that when it wasn't absolutely necessary and they said, well, Hey, don't you want to feel safe? Everyone looked around listening to the MSM and they were like, yeah, I don't want to feel safe. Don't you want amazing roads? Everyone looked around and said, I don't like riding on dirt. That ends up my 1930s or 1950 tires. Then they looked around said, wow, I want better tires.

That's awesome. Then you want to know what they said and said, okay, let's just have you pay 30 to 40% of everything you make to the government and we're going to make sure you've got great roads and you're going to have great safety. Once again, as I say this, I'm not saying every single dollar goes towards stuff we don't know. But what I am saying is I don't believe that the 40% tax that some people pay or whatever it is, I don't believe it all goes towards roads. I believe that it might go towards that. That's what I understand from what I've heard these whistleblowers say is most likely that's where, because these things cost a lot of money in order to keep going. Could it be? Maybe, but maybe after back whenever that happened, when they decided, Oh here's the problem, now everyone's open to taxes. If they didn't make it for the grasshoppers, the grasshoppers weren't going to protect them. Whoa. This is deep symbolism. Guess what ends up happening towards the end of the movie, the ants realize that they outnumbered the grasshoppers and the grasshoppers are very corrupt as well. Let me throw that in there. The aunts eventually realized though that they outnumber the grasshoppers like 101. So eventually they take back their power and they no longer have to make their harvest for the grasshoppers and then not have enough for themselves. They don't have power. We have the power. It's just that we have agreed that they have the power. We've agreed to it at certain levels, and that's why it appears to be that way. But in the coming years, I truly believe they will lose the power. The MSM will lose the power. I believe too many people are waking up and I believe that this is one of the most exciting times to ever be alive ever on the planet.


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