The TRUTH on Synchronicity REVEALED (Time vs Timing)

I'm going to be showing you the truth on synchronicity with the law of attraction time versus tiny. This is the biggest key. When you understand this, you understand the way reality works.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on synchronicity, which is when you are using the law of attraction, aware of how your thoughts correlate with your experience in and you notice the patterns that are happening in your life. Maybe you are on the way to the gym, you're just thinking of this person and all of a sudden they text you or you're thinking of something that you want to do and then the Instagram algorithm knows somehow that you recently searched in Google for something and then all of a sudden it shows up in your Instagram feed and you're like, how did that happen?

Is it synchronicity? Is it meant to be? Am I meant to really go on this silent retreat? That I see the advertising for it. Well, is it synchronicity or is it just technology? This is what we're going to talk about in today's blog. Here's the thing that was kind of just joking around right there, but in general synchronicity, the thing was synchronicity is that synchronicity is a natural byproduct for the way that reality works. It's natural. Your thoughts correlate with what you experience.

You think thoughts, you feel emotions, you're doing things and you get a certain reflection in your life and then what happens is you may notice that synchronicity because you are being aware of the thoughts you're thinking to what you're experiencing and you say, this is synchronous synchronicity. You may intend to meet someone and then you go to yoga and all of a sudden you meet someone, somebody kind of comes out of the woodwork and you're like, do you have a great connection with this person? Is that synchronicity is synchronicity. When you're thinking of a song and it starts to come on or your thinking and asking for guidance on something in a song comes on that gives you the exact message you need.

This is all about alignment and understanding of the truth about synchronicity. The truth is a natural way that reality works are there are a reflection and a direct correlation between what you think, what you feel and what you do and what you experience. The thing to this blog that I really want to impress upon you,

it's what are you going to do with it? What are you going to do with synchronicity? Because of some people, they will look at me like, oh, 1111 it's 1111 or it's two two two it's two 22 it's going to be 1111 twice a day. It's been two 22 twice a day. If you traveled to different time zones, it'll be maybe two 22 more than once a day. However, once you notice it, once you see it, what are you going to do with it? Because it's a byproduct. Yes. These seams have certain symbols, certain meanings as to what it means in your life. However, what does it mean for you because and what are you going to do with it? What are you going to do with it? Because we can get excited about 1111 or two two two or four 44 or five 55 or whatever.

We can get excited about all of that. However, what are we going to do with it? Because the truth is it's a natural byproduct for the way reality works. Reality is actually meant to be magical as well. The only reason we do not experience life as a miracle, as magical is big as we are logically trying to control everything using the ego, the ego must intend for something. Things need to happen exactly according to the way the ego imagines it and therefore we go out into the world and we negate all these actual experiences because we're so focused on things now understand this about synchronicity as well.

Every moment is the same moment from a different point of view. Every moment is the same moment from a different point of view. Here’s the thing with timing. Time is an illusion. We experienced time. Do you experience a time made sure to be real? But time itself is an illusion. This is why when people are waiting for synchronicity in their life, they're waiting to attract the right person. Well, guess what? The more you wait, the more of the experience of waiting you create. Think of the vibration of waiting as vibration and of itself. If you focus on waiting and waiting for things to happen, you create more weighting. Things don't happen because you're in the vibration of lack. You're in the vibration of stagnation. You're waiting for things to happen.

The key to this is moving and not focusing on that of time. Focus on time mean when you focus on timing, you then focus on being present to the moment, knowing that things will happen when they're meant to happen. But the more you focus on time is the more experience of time that you create. Notice I didn't say that you create more time. You can't create more time because time doesn't exist other than experience.

Time isn't real. When we look at this, when you start focusing instead on time, you focus on time mean your life will start to work out for you because then you are being present to the moment you are getting out of the vibration of lacking the vibration of waiting for things to happen. Instead, be here now, be present and by being in the vibration you prefer now you begin to experience a one on one reflection in your life of what you're good to Aaron, what's an example of this? Well, if you want to attract a relationship into your life and you focus on time, when is it going to happen?

When is it going to happen? Well, when is it going to happen? Obviously, it's not happening right now because you're asking the question, when does it happen in, which means that you're coming at it from a vibration of lack. What would you do instead? What would you want from a relationship? Ask yourself that question. I want connection. I want to feel worthy, whole and complete. I don't want to feel like I have someone to spend time with. Okay, well guess what? You can do all of those things right now in the present moment by being, you can give yourself permission to feel love worthiness.

You can find someone in your life, even if it's not romantic, that you can spend time with and you can be those vibrations right now and by being in those vibrations, you begin to then experience a reflection more of it, and by not focusing on time, you begin to focus on time mean tiny. You see, you get in life that which you are a vibration of. If you are focusing on lack, if you're focusing on win, win, win, then you are out of the experience of having it. They're different vibrations. Thinking of everything like a channel, like a TV station. There's the TV station of waiting, there's the TV station of trying.

There's the TV station of lacking and these TV stations. The more that you stay tuned is two it is the more you experience a reality that is equal to it. However, when instead of focusing on the future or something that's not here, you start to focus on being present to the moment and you start to focus on how you can embody those emotions. You tune yourself to a new frequency to a new channel and no longer those channels still exist.

If you want it to tune into the channel of, of waiting, you could do that. If you wanted to tune into the channel of lack, you can do that, but then it's a choice. You have the choice right now to focus on already having a focus on having by being okay. You see, normally the way that we think about it is we think that we must first do something, then we can have something, then we can be somewhat reality doesn't work that way.

Reality works the other way around. Instead, go straight to being, be present to the moment, break down all your manifestations and to vibration. Anything you want is because you think it will make you feel better. And when you are being the vibration of what you want, you experience a reality that is equal to it. But the key is being first, you know, this is what people do a lot is they wait until they can give themselves permission to do, to be it. They say, well, first I must do it that I can gain some money and then I can have it.

Then once I have it, then I can finally be, all you did is you gave these two things. You said, once I do these two things, then I give myself permission to be it, but instead, you can give yourself permission. Right now, you may say, well, okay, for me to be an artist, I must first paint every single day for like six years. Then I can finally start to make some money. Then once I'd make some money from it, then I'm an artist and then I'd been an artist and then I met. Then I'm an artist, but then what you do is you wait so long.

Then eventually, then maybe you experience a reality that is equal to you being an artist, but all you did is you use these two things to give yourself permission to just be this. If you were to just say, I am an artist and just be an artist now, then what would happen is you would then experience the reality of it and things would happen much sooner than that. You know, one of the reasons I became successful on YouTube is because I started to make daily videos on YouTube, and by doing the daily videos, I could then give myself permission to be a full-time YouTuber.

But a lot of people that are trying to become full-time YouTubers, they're making like one video every two, three weeks. They're not putting everything they have into it. Therefore, they don't see themselves as being a full-time YouTuber. Permit yourself now to be it. You don't need to have an art studio to be an artist. You don't have to have 100,000 followers on YouTube to be a YouTuber. Be it be the lifestyle you want because then you will see the reflection of the synchronicity in your life that you want.

In life in general, this is the question, how long are you going to wait to give yourself permission to be how you prefer to be? How long? Because like we said, it's not that you must first do something than have something than be someone you be it now give yourself permission. If you want to be an artist, be an artist by creating art, but be it. See it as a part of your identity because when it is a part of your identity, it's very easy to do.

People ask me all the time, Aaron, how do you make do the videos on YouTube? It's a part of who I am. I am being who I am. I'm being in that and because of it, it's natural for me. But don't focus on trying. Don't focus on dueling. Don't focus on having, just focus on being is where all the magic is. This is the key because honestly, synchronicity is a natural reflection of the way reality works. When you start to see that, you can then say, where do you prefer to put your energy and how can you focus on being, because by being you then experience a reality that you want.

Give yourself permission to be how you prefer and instead of focusing on time, understand tiny. It doesn't exist. Time is just an experience. The only thing that is real is tying mean and when you focus on timing, you then start to see that things are always working out for you. Instead of a focus on timing, even focusing on time and just focused on being, pick out the vibrations of what you want to experience. Break it down into a vibration. If you want money, you want freedom. Focus on the freedom of the hat. If you want that, have a relationship you want connection or love.

Focus on the connection and love that's already in your life. If you want to be in perfect health, focus on that of vitality, having energy focused on the energy you already have. By doing these things, you then put yourself in the vibration of it. You will then experience a reality that is equal to that. Then things happen easier than ever. Break down in your manifest your desires into that of a vibrational state of being focused on being that now give yourself permission.

Reality will transform for you because you always get a reflection of what you're being and if you're trying, if you're waiting, if you're lacking, then you're tuning into that station and you're experiencing more of that. Let it go. Let it go and be. That's where the power really is. Let me know what you thought of this blog.

A little bit different, a little bit of a random video I felt inspired to do and also if you want, one of the most powerful meditations I have is on the reason your vibrational set point. It will help you to bring yourself to a new state of consciousness so that synchronicity is a natural byproduct of who you are.

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