Why are you in this Virtual Reality? (are you sure you want to know?)


I'm going to show you why we are in this simulated reality. I'm going to show you the thing, and the reason we actually came here and I'm going to show you exactly what you can do about it.

Today, I'm going to be going deeper on understanding simulated reality, how reality is a virtual reality, one that appears to be real so that we can have a physical experience and show you why we actually came here at this time. The information in this blog is going to come from a couple of different sources that have consistent messaging throughout all of this. One of them is going to be the law of one, which is some of the most profound channeled material from I believe the 70s, the 80s maybe both decades.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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There's going to be information from there. There's going to be information from Bashar. Many of you know that I like Bashar from Dolores Cannon and also the scientist, Thomas Campbell. I'm going to be explaining it from different viewpoints and showing you as well that this is very powerful, and it is also a very scary thing. You may have heard one of my old videos where I talked about this. We already have VR equipment that you can wear where you don't know the difference, and your brain starts to believe that it is in that virtual reality. In five or 10 years, we will have the technology to where you can't tell the difference between you being in virtual reality or you being here right now.

There'll be something that goes over your head. I don't even know what it could be. When that happens, you won't know the difference. If that's the case, and we're already close within five, 10 15 years of having that kind of technology, I just came from a Tony Robbins event recently, so that's why my voice is still kind of cracked if we're that close to having that kind of technology. What's to say at higher levels of consciousness, we didn't construct over a reality where we could temporarily be inside of a physical vessel that we call a body so that we can then have a physical type experience. We can forget who we are, believe and identify with the sensations of our senses, the vibrational interpretations of our senses so that we can then have an experience of then remembering who we are.

Just something to think about. We already almost have the technology, so what's the say at a higher level? Don't know if it'd be like some higher beings or something that decided, Oh, let's have this physical reality where we forget who we are. Then what happened is we decided to come here to have this kind of experience. We already had the technology that could tell the difference. The point of that is knowing that it's not that far off from us already possibly being inside of what we think of as a virtual reality. It's just a virtual reality where consciousness is inside of it versus some technological thing that goes over our head, and our senses are so immersed into it that it feels so real. Okay, so I just want to throw that out there first of all. We are here to have an individual experience of who we are.

We forget who we are so that we can go through certain processes and the purpose of it he says is for us to learn more of who we are and this and also not just learn who we are, but I'll talk a little bit more about the purpose of it as well, which is to do something called lower entropy. Lower entropy, entropy means chaos. The way the universe works is the universe is moving towards a unity intake, the integral connection between all things. Everything is connected. What we did is we split off into different individuated units of consciousness so that we could then have this remembrance of who we are. We can then feel connected to remember who we are at a greater level.

It's very powerful information, and I'll be explaining more, doing more videos about him as well. Let’s go to and look at Dolores Cannon. She has 17 or 19 books. I can never remember the number of transcripts of her getting people to a very deep level of hypnosis to where their higher self comes through to where then information comes through. One of the most consistent things that came up during those nights, 17 or 19 books, so many people from all over the world who did not know each other said that they were here for this time of awakening on the planet. That right now is the most exciting time.

What was said is back in the 1920s thirties or forties there was a call put out to the universe, some type of an energetic call that called people here. We can call them lightworkers. We can call them. You know, it's you reading this blog. People that are waking up first put a call out for souls to come here to incarnate into the system. People that felt compassionate towards earth because earth is a very beautiful place. Then what happened is we decided to come here, even though we knew it is going to be hard. We knew we were going to have to forget who we are to come here to didn't remember who we are. If you're reading this blog right now, that most likely that's you. We came here to remember who we are because then that ripples out and affects everyone else in our reality, even at some conscious levels, because the alternative was we destroy ourselves or we influence this reality system by waking up.

You might ask yourself, why don't higher dimensional beings, you know, just help us and give us technology or something. First off, we've already had the technology. First off, since Tesla, we've had free energy. It's not that we need to be given technology. Secondly, the purpose is for us to come into our own power, not to us be given something that's a big savior complex that's within the collective consciousness where people want to be saved. And thirdly, we had to come and play to the rules of this reality. The rules of this reality are, you forget who you are. That's what makes this reality so difficult. We forget who we are and because we forget who we are when we're born, then what happens is we go through a lot of pain. We feel that we have experiences of, you know, conditional love or maybe a lack of love.

Because of that, we then developed these belief systems about who we are and negative experiences. We knew that we could forget who we are, remember who we are. In a way, we had to incarnate into the system of play according to its rules so that then we can wake up and help other people almost lay that blueprint in a way. How is that happening? Well, you're reading this blog right now. As you awaken more and more, you influence your family, even at subconscious levels, your friends and it's, it's happening in a very powerful way. So many people are waking up in the world. It's amazing. And that's what's happening now. We played it borders those roles. So that's Dolores Cannon, and in 17 of her books or 19 of her books, a little loved one said something very similar.

There is a harvest. It's called the harvest that's going on right now. A lot of the information, the law of one, by the way, the guy that was asking questions to Carla, his wife that was channeling information, was a physicist. He was very intelligent. The questions he asked for very high-level questions. Sometimes it's hard to read some of the transcripts because it's kind of dense. However, one of the main messages is that we're all a piece of the one infinite creator. We're all a piece of this high vibrational energy. We've come here to forget who we are so that we can remember who we are. One of the powerful messages of the law of one is that there's a harvest taking place in this lifetime. It's actually happening right now. The harvest is where we have the ability to go from one vibrational level of consciousness to the next.

As we may go from three that third density to fourth density, we may have a higher self, a higher version of us that then is able to be bumped at fifth density. Sixth density is six 37 density as one of the reasons that we also came here. It has a residual effect on the outer layers of our soul, of our spirit. That's another reason that we might be here. The law of one, but says the same thing. Bashar says the exact same thing, that there is the time of transformation on the planet right now that we had to forget who we are so that we can remember. He says, our reality is a virtual reality that appears real by the senses.

Nonetheless, we are eternal spiritual beings having this temporary experience. The purpose of it is for us to grow up. Reality is like a school. This 3D physical reality and earth are like a school with many different lessons, many different grades. Well, until they take their power back, maybe that other person who out of their life, but somebody else may repeat that same pattern. It's about learning lessons. The lessons are love; the lessons are power; the lessons are forgiveness. These are the lessons in the school of life. We've all come here to learn these lessons and to remember who we are. Part of this purpose of us being in this simulation is to learn love and to be a part of one of the most powerful times to be alive in the history of the law of one Bashar says, ever.

There was this visual that one of the people in the transcripts talked about how there were souls that wanted to come in that wanted to be born on the planet, and somebody would say is, I don't know if there's a metaphor or what this was. Somebody would say, okay, you can come. You're going to be some kid in this third world country. You're only going to live for two years. This is what is available right now, and they said, I don't care. I just want to say that I was here for this time of transformation and then, therefore, had that you know, time in my life, or probably they will pass away at an early age or something like that.

That's the highest probability. I don't know exactly how that works, but what it shows is that souls want to be here right now. Now here's the thing. Not only are you here in this reality right now, but you are on the leading edge of understanding this information doesn't make you better than anyone else. It's not about getting some significant role and feeling like you're ahead of everyone, but it means you have a purpose and part of your purpose, maybe to wake up, to help other people to wake up. Also, at the same time, to know that you're here to be a part of this transformation of consciousness.


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