The Vibration of Weed, Alcohol & Plant Medicine Revealed (and how to raise your vibration above it)


I'm going to show you the true vibration of weed, alcohol and plant medicine and I'm going to show you how to raise your vibration above it all.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you something that's a little bit edgier when it comes to understanding vibration. And I've talked before in prior videos about the vibration of different states of consciousness, the vibration of different energies and emotions. But in this blog, I thought I would calibrate the vibration of weed, alcohol, and what is called plant medicine. Just to be clear on the process that we are using for calibrating these different herbs or these different processes of fermentation or whatever it is, it has to do with understanding of book that is called power vs force, which has to do with something called kinesiology, which is muscle testing.

And the idea is that our subconscious mind can use this tool, this model for understanding different vibrational calibrations. This scale of consciousness I will put right here for a second to show you and that scale of consciousness starts at the bottom was a shame, fear, guilt, anger. You eventually see neutrality. Then you see that acceptance, willingness, reasoning, love, joy, peace, enlightenment. Every single person has a certain gravity where their natural set point is, and what happens is each one of those perspectives, each one of those, that person's vibration will calibrate there. That will be their natural set point. Plus, there are different places that resonate at a certain frequency. You could look at maybe Machu Picchu, which would resonate at a very high frequency, closer to four or 500, which is high for a location to be that high vibration. There are places like Maui that resonate higher than some other places.

Then you'll have some places in the world that resume a little bit lower and based on the consciousness of the people that live there based on the intention when people go there. I would imagine that I live here in Las Vegas and the Las Vegas trip, maybe not all of us Vegas, but the Las Vegas trip. I would imagine because of what it promotes doesn't necessarily resonate that high on the vibrational scale. But what you can begin to become aware of is that there's different vibrations, different calibrations, and when you become aware of it, it becomes kind of fun because then you can see what you do and how you feel and where you enjoy being. And some of this could even evolve that of different activities. Listening to classical music, for example, carries with it a certain vibration.

Normally in the four hundred which are also considered a high vibrational activity, you have certain sports that resonate higher. You have certain activities that may resonate lower, maybe certain types of music that promote violence. Would that promote some type of anger, and that would be a lower vibrational thing that may actually make you feel low or vibration now as well as the places as well as the activities that you can do? There's also a certain resonance when it comes to different vibrational substances. And in this blog, that's why I want to talk about weed, alcohol, and plant medicine. For this process, I have this scale right here, which just kind of maps out a little bit of the symbol of what the vibrations are and the first thing I want to say is back in 2012. It's not that weed is bad, and alcohol is bad or weeds as good and alcohol are good or any of this.

It's about understanding vibrational calibration because I was pretty confused, to be honest with you. I was confused because I always thought that lead was the higher vibrational plant that would you ingest it? It would raise your vibration almost always. That was my perspective on it. Just to give you a little bit of a backstory behind this, back in 2012, you haven't heard my story already. I used to be labeled what's called ADHD, and I would take Adderall for it, and every day I would go into work. I worked at Nordstrom's a woman's shoes. I take Adderall and really focused on work. I would make a lot of money, and then I would go home at the end of the day.

I was doing and smoking weed, and it was something that I enjoy doing as well. But then what happened is I had what is called a spiritual awakening. I went through a process where I started to become aware of my own beliefs of my own thought processes. I started to tap into an energy that was just completely different than anything I ever knew before. And I learned meditation. And for me, meditation was what changed everything. I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than react. I realized that I had a belief that said that I couldn't focus and that the only solution was taking the Adderall, which is what the doctor's prescribing me. And then I realized that I could change that belief.

I could observe these thoughts before I was trying to control my thoughts. It was causing resistance. Then what I did is I simply observe them, and I allowed those thoughts to be there. And as I did that, I started to feel this, the state of presence. I started to feel this energy that I can't really describe. And from that point on, I just decided that I'm going to meditate for 10, 15 minutes in the morning and then 10 15 minutes at night. And that changed my whole entire life. During this process, before I was smoking weed after I started to meditate, I would then occasionally I would realize that there are sometimes I would forget to smoke.

I had this feeling that it wasn't serving me anymore and that it was something that taught or you know, that I was able to, that was conducive for a while, but it was time for me actually to let it go. I just had this feeling almost like this knowing, and I didn't want to hear it at first. I remember any time I read anything online like I wouldn't even watch a YouTube video like this if someone is talking about it because it would annoy me, and I'd be like, no, I don't want anything that negates what I've been doing. I don't want to feel guilty about it, you know? But eventually, what happened is I realized that when I would do it less and less, I'd actually feel better. And then there was a couple of times where I would do it, and it actually brings my vibration down.

Well, now that I know the vibration of all of this, it makes total sense because what happens is every single person reading to this blog right now, your natural set point is and can be over 400 to 500, between four and 500. I'd say every single person listening to this can have a natural set point there, which is the idea, which is reasoning. When you get to that state if you were to smoke weed, which calibrates in about 350, which think about it, 350 is about the level of acceptance. What happens when you smoke? Normally you accept the moment, right? There's a certain level of allowance there. Everything's good. You accept. Sometimes when you, when you look at weed, it can actually make people take a little bit less action because over that, you have that.

Have you had that of reasoning, which is where there's also a sense of willpower and moving in a certain direction. A lot of personal growth like Tony Robbin's content would be in the four would be in the 300 to 400 range. The thing is we'd resonate at three 50. Is weed bad or good neither? It just is. It depends on your vibration. For example, if you're feeling a lot of negative vibration, maybe you had a really bad day. I'm not saying that that's the cure is always to have to, you know, I felt like I was always going to something when I was smoking a lot. I felt like I needed the Adderall during the day, and I needed the weed at night. I felt dependent on it. Because I felt dependent, I eventually said, you know what, there's got to be another way.

That's what I did research and time meditation, which eventually led to my spiritual awakening. The idea is that if you're feeling low vibrational emotion and you were to do it, it could raise your vibration, but then a lot of times, then people feel like they need it in order to keep it at that 350 level. And sometimes it depends on the intention too. A lot of times if people smoke weed and they just want to, they're just almost kind of, some people aren't actually abusing it. It's a sacred plant. Too many people, too many different ancient traditions, but many people just do it, and burn it.

They have no necessarily like respect for the plant itself, which I know sounds like a hippy-dippy type perspective. But, when you start to treat things out the more sacred perspective like that, it actually raises the frequency of it as well. But in general, you'll find that lead resonates at about two, 350, and yes, it may resonate higher than alcohol. However, it is still lower than your natural set point. When you raise your vibrational set point, what happens is you feel good and the majority of the time, and these things bring you down. People ask me sometimes if I smoke weed or I drink, I don't, not to say I'm hired by Rachel there, no one else. I know it sounds annoying for someone to say that they don't drink or smoke because then it makes other people feel like they're doing something wrong if they do it every now and then.

But when you focus on raising your vibration naturally, you won't need any of that. I feel high in the majority of the time, yes, it still fluctuates. There are still things that happen, but I really believe that that's our natural state in that every single person listening can tap into it. We'd like a residence at about 350 on the scale of consciousness. And what you realize is that the more you raise your vibration, the less you will gravitate towards it.

Then what you'll notice is, now we'll talk about that of alcohol. Alcohol is something that they call spirits and wonder why they call it spirits. Well, a lot of times, what happens is when you drink alcohol, you get to a certain level of unconsciousness to where viewers are more influenceable. There is more influence possible by that of different spirits that may be around. I remember when I was drinking back in the day, and there were times that I would drink so much that I would forget things that I did, and I'd be told the next day by other people, things that I did that were totally out of character for me. And it's amazing to me that people could tell me stories of things I don't consciously remember yet.

It's kind of like a little playground for them, for spirits that are in between our realm, in the higher realm or different states of consciousness. They call it spirit. They also call it liquid. Courage is ironic because courage reds need right at about this frequency as well. Well, I think it depends on the intention that people use it. I think that if you're in high vibration and you're celebrating, he drank a little bit. I don't think it's going to bring your vibration all the way down. But in general, if people overindulge, I think that a lot of times, it can bring the vibration down. But in general, alcohol is lower vibration than that of weed. That's just on the vibrational scale from calibrating it, using muscle testing.

And when I was explaining nearly yours, you can calibrate using the strength of your subconscious. Your subconscious mind is also within your body. Your body will go strong on things that are true on statements that are true and weak when statements are false. And what they've been able to do is use this model, which then our body can use to calibrate these different levels. This is something that was done in the book, power versus force, and many other kinesiology. It's used quite often, but it's very powerful for understanding these different levels of consciousness. So far, we have the lead at three 50. We have alcohol at two 70. And it's about becoming aware of how these might be influencing your vibration.

One thing that I do find interesting is that there are plant medicines that resonate at 500, which is very high, 500 and another between 500 and 600. Certain plant medicines resonate there. These are considered sacred plant medicines. I go to Costa Rica every year. I legally do Aida in these places, which is short for Iowasca, and it is something that it is something that I do that makes me aware of the pack that I'm on. It makes me aware of some of the subconscious things that I'm working through. And you can really feel like there's a divine essence there that is in a way showing different parts of the psyche, different parts of the subconscious mind that are unaware. In general, these vibrations rates are calibrated high level of vibration. Sometimes when you do these things, it will bring up negative things.

Well, here's the reason that happens. It resonates at a high frequency that then brings up any of the things that aren't already dealt with. It brings it up for you to deal with so that you can then clear it out and let it go. The other thing is some plant medicines do it gets you out of your identity. It makes you become aware of your ego, your identity, and the thing is your self-image is creating your life experience. The way you see yourself as projected out to other people and what it helps you to do is it helps you to break down the filters that barriers. The beliefs you have about who you think you are and what that does is that eventually allows you to integrate and to let go of a lot of these lower things that don't serve. Those can resonate at a higher frequency, and ones like mushrooms were those ones I was talking about resonating right at about 500 now, once again though, when I talk about these things, I'm not saying to go do any of it.

All I'm saying is that it's interesting to me how this works and the intention of each and how and what it can do. I think that this can, for some people, it can be a powerful tool for people to break down their identity and ego to become aware. You know, they, they've done a lot of research with mushrooms and seeing that people that take it, that are on their death bed or people that are a terminally ill, how it changes their energy and how it changes how they view life because they start to become more tapped in to who they really are and understanding that this is a temporary life experience that we're in right now, but we're actually eternal spiritual beings. It's a very empowering type of process.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.