3 “Weird” Rituals That Skyrocketed My Vibration


I'm going to be sharing with you three weird rituals that I personally do that have skyrocketed my vibration. I'm not just going to tell you, I'm going to actually show you, and you can then apply them into your life to skyrocket your vibration as well.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three weird rituals that I use that have skyrocketed my vibration. When I look at little things, I do like, for example, like this isn't one of those, but I'm very protective of my own vibration. The reason being is because our vibration is in a way like an antenna that attracts to us a certain reality. We see life literally through a certain lens. Through that lens, we then experience our reality based on which lens we are wearing.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Being protective of your vibration is being aware of what you are thinking, feeling, and doing, and what you do that affects how you think, feel, and do if that makes sense. In this blog, I'm going to share with you those weird things that I do. My vibration raised a lot back in 2012 when I went through a spiritual awakening, and I learned how to meditate. I'd say that's one of the important things as well. By the way, these are what I was showing you here. These are called blue blockers. These are blue blockers. These make it so that when I'm on my computer over here, it blocks out blue light because when the computer screen is a, you're looking at a computer screen, your mind will think that it's noon. That sounded the frequency of the screen makes the mind think that it's noon.

Even if I'm looking at that, it's like seven or eight at night. My mind's like vibrationally saying it's noon, it's noon, it's noon, stay awake. Sometimes it's harder to fall asleep. Those blue blockers help. I wear them even though it's the morning right now, and I'm recording this episode or this blog. Let me show you a little bit about the different, the weird rituals. I have about this. I have this rule that every morning I wake up, by the way, I'm staying at this place right now. I'm waiting for my house. I have a house that I'm going to be moving in soon. Until then, I'm right here. Just to give this blog a little bit of context, even though I'm traveling, I still do these weird rituals I'll be talking about.

One of the first ones has to do with meditation in the morning. It's my morning routine, meditation in the morning. I will not almost like not talk to anybody until I meditate because I want, when I wake up in the morning to be the purest vibration of a, it's when our mind is most susceptible to influence. In the morning, I do not check my phone. I do not have deep conversations about anything. I wake up, and I meditate and let me show you a little bit. It'd be like a work that needed to be like doing something, and what I would do is I straight up, if I hadn't meditated yet, I would not get the door. I didn't almost pretend like I'm not home. I'm not saying you have to do this, but I'm very protective of right. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is meditate, and if I wake up and someone's banging on my door, I'm not going to go throw on pajamas and answer it unless it's like, unless it's an absolute emergency or something.

But in general, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is meditate, which means I sit in a sacred space for about 10 minutes, observe my thoughts, and that's one of the most powerful parts of my day. When you wake up in the morning, you are drifting from that of the theta state of being deeply in deepest sleep, and or Delta would be a deep sleep. Then theta, which is a very deep meditation state. Also, when you're asleep and then you, you drift into alpha and beta. That little 30-minute window when you wake up in the morning is the most powerful time to prime your mind. If you prime your mind to observe your thoughts rather than react to your thoughts, you're at a very powerful place. But if when you wake up, you're having some deep conversation or some surface-level conversation or you are doing something on your phone, you're stimulating your mind for stimulation and reaction.

Here's another kind of weird thing I do not and do not prefer to use and to sleep in beds where the head of the bed faces North, where my head would be facing North if my head is facing North. This is what I actually listened to a video for a Sadhguru. If you guys know who he is, he's like an enlightened guy from India, and this really resonated with me. But when your head is facing North, it brings the iron in the body to the head. When the iron goes towards the head, it's like it's, it's not good for mental clarity. You may find yourself feeling more cortisol, more stress. It's not that it's horrible if you do it one or two nights, but the idea is don't get a house where you're going to live in for months if your head is going to be facing North. What I do is when I'm at different hotels, which I'm at right now, one thing I like to do is make sure my head's facing North. For some reason, I had been facing North. Maybe I might sleep at an angle, so my head's not completely North. Once again, I don't think any of these things are complete power over us, but I believe that I'm going to use that awareness to my advantage.

Something else I have that might seem a little bit weird is this right here that she could see. This is called an earth pulse. These are two magnets that go underneath the bed, ones underneath the head, and then one’s underneath in the middle. There are these little magnets that go at a frequency that makes it so that the frequency around the energy field of my body is similar to that of the earth. Because when we used to sleep outside back in the day, back in the day, Paleolithic times or something, or just camping, when you're camping, you're more in tune with the earth. When you do that, you sleep better; you're more rejuvenated. All in all, that's my morning routine. I wake up every morning. I won't really talk to anybody. I will just meditate, make sure I meditate before I get into reaction mode.

If someone knocks on my door, I might just leave it there because more important is my vibration for my whole day than it is of me answering some mail or something like that. That might seem a little bit weird, but nonetheless, that's what I do. Something else I wanted to share as well has to do with this thing that I've been doing recently. Just in general, and it has to do with waking up at three to five in the morning. This is the thing; I believe that there, and just in general, they're showing this with what's called Noah's fear. There is an energetic electromagnetic field around us and around the collective consciousness of all of us. If you look around, you can't necessarily see all the could solve the energetic thought-forms or energy going around people.

However, we're a part of collective consciousness. When we think of certain thoughts, we are projecting those thoughts out. When you have a mass amount of people when you have, you know, I'm looking around right now at this view, all of these people, there are certain events that will trigger a mass amount of energy and in a way, that can have an influence on us. There are different times of the day when there's a different energy that I guess you could say is a little bit more adaptable to us because there's the collective energy of our city that may be in certain modes. This is what I mean by that. When you wake up between three to five in the morning, maybe you've seen a lot of things before about waking up at three in the morning, and the veil is the thinnest, three to five in the morning.

Most people where you live are going to be asleep. When they are asleep, in a way, you could say the veil is the thinnest because there's the least amount of thoughts that are, in a way, being emanated out of people. Because of that, there's more of purity there. To meditate between three to five in the morning doesn't mean you have to meditate for two hours straight. But to get up at that time and to be thinking and feeling the emotions of what you want to feel, the veil is the thinnest at that time. If I ever wake up, even just naturally at that time, I'll put my hands over my heart like this. As I fall asleep at night, what I will do is I will feel those emotions, or as if I wake up in the morning between three to five, that's when I'll do that as well.

In a way, as far as vibration goes throughout my day, I do things in a certain cycle. I do what I love, which means I'm making a video. And what happens is as the day goes on, there are certain times that are good for certain things, about one or two o'clock. It's really good for the elimination of the body. They learned this from my friend Brigitte Nielsen. She's a YouTuber as well. It has to do with the different phases of the day and the different phases of the mass amount of people are doing as well. Around one or two o'clock, that's good for like not exfoliating but like letting go, letting go of energy.

That's why working out can be good. You're letting go of energy in a way, and when you wake up in the morning, it's the creative work, and it's very productive up until like 10 to two. This doesn't work for, this doesn't have to be the truth for everybody, but for me, I found that it's very beneficial, and it has to do with understanding the phases of the day in away. The last weird thing I want to talk about when it comes to a skyrocketing my vibration, I would say a lot of my successes come from your programming. My subconscious mind and reprogramming my subconscious mind for me involves that as I'm going to bed at night using that hack that I talk about. I actually have a meditation for it as well, and it's the most powerful, it's called the most powerful meditation for manifesting while you sleep.

What it is is as you fall asleep at night, you feel the emotions of what you want to feel, and you imagine that that's who you are. Something that might seem a little bit weird that I do is I haven't even planned out this by the way, but I'm going to show you something really quick. The purpose behind these is I put intention into that of the crystals, and I put intention for whatever feeling in high vibration and creating an energetic field around my body. Something else I do is I go to bed, which might seem a little bit weird. I put an electromagnetic like I visualize an energy field that goes around my bed that keeps a high vibration there while I sleep.

I set the intention that I sleep amazing, that I remember my dreams in the morning, and I do these energetic things that that I believe has a very powerful effect on my knife. Here's the thing, doing this one day, you might not notice a huge difference. As you begin to do something in the space that you're living inconsistently over and over and over and over again, it begins to build that electromagnetic energy. When I come in here, the reason being is one; I would PR, I have a lot of like black tourmaline and different crystals around the whole house. The house is graded out too. I put a lot of intention into the house, and I put intention, and to where it's like, I'm amplifying that energy and every single day I'm doing that around my bed.

It's almost like by day a hundred; I don't have to do it as much because there's a momentum thereof that energetic field that I've been putting around for a hundred days straight. Do you see it? These are all the different things I do. Sage has been used for a long time to clear out energy. Let me get more in the light, clear out energy. What I do is I'll like this, I'll clear up my energetic field to somebody comes over. I'll normally cleanse the space as well. That's something that I do in general. There's a lot of weird things as well that I haven't really shared before. There's a playlist right here you can watch. It's on. There's one of the videos like seven weird things.

Seven more weird things about your vibration that you don't even know about. There are things where I talk about the energetic fields that we live in, how different things affect us. One of the things is if people ever argued at my house, I'd almost make them like, leave the house. Cause I don't want that energy inside my house. It doesn't mean you have to be anal and as super protective and worried, it just means you're aware. When you're aware of these things, you just have these boundaries. These boundaries sometimes are a very good thing. But if you want to learn more about vibration, go ahead and click the playlist right here. Also, that meditation to listen to as you fall asleep at night. Let's do it every single night for 21 days. Watch how your life begins to change the repetitions.


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