Thought Forms 201: The Hidden Vibration of Thoughts Revealed


I'm going to show you thought Forms 201 this is a more advanced look at the hidden vibration of thoughts. I'm going to show you that, and I'm going to show you how to align your thoughts so that they have more power than ever before and I think that this video will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a more advanced look at the hidden vibration of your own thoughts. I'm starting to see that thoughts literally are things they don't become things. I mean in a way they become more solid, but what I'm realizing and does that thoughts are literally things that may be invisible to our eyes but nonetheless have a form of influence whether we are aware of it or not.

In case you haven't seen it already, I'm going to link below the thought-form 101 blog. This is where I introduced this idea, and it has to do with understanding that our thoughts are things that there are thought-forms when we think that goes into our energetic field and when we are focused on a certain type of outcome, those thought forms get emitted out of us and literally go out, and they will remain with wherever you are. For example, if I'm on one side of my house over there thinking about something specifically.

What'll happen is I may leave that part of the house, think of something different, go back to that part of the house and then find myself thinking of the same things again because these thought-forms, while they're invisible to the eye are actually there. This comes from a book that's actually called thought-forms. It was written in the early 1900, so it's old school book you could say and it was very synchronistic on how I came across the author and the kind of esoteric books that it is, especially in 1900 his books were really esoteric.  

The part one of this or the thought-form 101 blog. The part that I really want to share is the hidden vibration of thoughts. You thought about money, you thought about money, you thought about money, it didn't come into your life. Well, one of the reasons could be is because when you learn what I'm going to share with you, today's blog could be the quality of the thoughts you are having were of a lower vibrational nature compared to the high vibrational thoughts that you can be having as well.

And because of that, the thoughts wouldn't end, couldn't actually become more visible to you. You know, Bouchard's talked about this before as well. He says manifestation is not about bringing something outside of you into your life. Manifestation is about making the invisible visible manifestations about making the invisible visible because these thought-forms that we're thinking we're creating and leaving a trail of our thought-forms wherever we go, whether we're aware of it or not. The key to this is being aware of it and being aware that the more we raise our vibration, the easier this process is and especially when we're more in alignment with our true purpose in life with what we're meant to be doing.

This gives you an example of this. There's a book called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. There's material in there that shows that this is something as well, and this is also written back in the early 1900 like the 1930s I believe was the autobiography of a Yogi, which is one of the most popular self-help books of all time, spirituality books of all time. It's the one book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad. It's the book that he read every year, the last 40 years of his life. And it's a very powerful book. And in it, Paramahansa Yogananda explains his process of going through enlightenment by telling stories from his own life.

And there were some gurus, some enlightened people that could do amazing things and things that we would consider to be magic. And its funny cause it said an astral, he formed a locket, which I found very interesting because part of thought-form is, and thought-forms understands that there's this astral realm that is overlaying our realm. And every night you go to bed, you go into what is called the astral realm. And some people in meditation can make astral projection consciously. And what happens is in this astral realm, we have an ability and more flexibility through time and space.

These thoughts are literally things that you don't see with your physical eyes. Some people can are clairvoyant, but the idea is that these thought forms have a certain frequency. They have a certain intention; they have a certain quality. In the book autobiography of a Yogi, there was the experience of manifesting the locket and ash truly formed piece of jewelry is what is talked about in the book, which is interesting because it's like the Astro formed. It's ash really created from thought and literally becomes things. I also believe that we're moving through a powerful transition of shifts in consciousness in life right now and there's milk.

We're going through this as a society. We're moving into what is called a fourth-density state of consciousness and in four d thoughts literally are themes, so this is something that we're becoming aware of as well. As we go through this transition, as our vibration increases, this happens more and more. How come they could embody such a high frequency and then say something and then it happens. Think something. And what happens is they decide that they're going to go for a walk to the beach. Yeah. What happens is they leave, and Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri up to soar are walking and Surrey up to sources Pema Huntsville, Yogananda, which it wasn't, you know, he actually went by something else.

Did you lock the back door? And he goes, I'm not sure. I think I did. And Sriracha story goes, no, you didn't. And what he did is he had somehow influenced somebody, a peasant close by to go into the house and he said, your fore cauliflower will now be three or five calabra or now be four. Because what happened is somebody gifted Paramahansa Yogananda four amazing cauliflower that it was going to make it to a soup later and he left it on his bed. I don't know why you'd call fire on your bed, but for some reason maybe you do.

And what happened is this peasant went into the back door of the house. We have only one cauliflower left the gold left, the jewelry left, everything else, and when they got back, Paramahansa Yogananda was surprised to find that the guy only took one cauliflower. How did that happen? Well, in the book what it says is that thoughts are different frequencies and that if you tune yourself there like a radio dial and if you tune yourself to different frequencies, you can have an influence over these types of things. Okay. The reason I share this story, the cauliflower stories, just so you see that things are much more flexible than you think. Yeah, and for this in general, when we talk about thought forms, there are three different aspects of this. I want to show you one to treat, so three different forms, three different qualities or aspects of the thought-form. The first one is quality.

The quality of your thought forms determines the color. The idea behind this is that there are different colors just like we all have different color auras. There's an energetic field that goes around in our body where whether we're aware of it or not, and the idea is that if for example, the colors are just symbols that we use in our reality, the color just it proves and shows the quality of the thought. You don't need to know what color your aura is or what color the thoughts you have are. The idea is, for example, the quality of your thought. If you have a thought that I want to add value to people, I want to be compassionate and express compassion to other people. That is a higher quality thought than if you're like, I want to take from people and I want just to add value.

To me, it's more ego-driven. Which color or which quality do you think is a higher well, the one where you're giving value. If I said I wanted it to become big on YouTube because it will make me feel worthier and it'll give me more recognition, and I'll feel more whole than complete, that's much less quality. That's maybe if you look at those different colors, there could be the colors of a, let's say a brownish red and that was my intention and that that was the color of the quality of that thought. Or let's say I had a higher vision, which I do, and that's to add value to people. Understand that we're all connected, we're all one.

The more value I put out into the world, the more comes back to me anyway. But knowing the more people that wake up, the easier is this transformation into consciousness is that we're going through, we're also part of the hole so that that energy is a much higher quality. I could be like a bluish or greenish color, which is a much higher vibration. Then that orangey-red color, the brownish-red color. That's more on just gratifying the ego. The quality of your thoughts also determines the color and the color.

Then we'll have a different frequency. This is the first part, a thought. This is also like saying, it's not just the thought you're thinking, but it's the emotion behind the thought. Is it a high vibrational emotion or a low vibrational emotion? And you've seen me share the scale of consciousness before. The second part of this is understanding the nature of the thought, the nature of the thought. The nature of the thought has to do with, is this a thought? The way that I think about this as well is, is it a thought that is expansive? Because if they experience an idea and think about it, you think this thought which has a thought form that goes around your energetic field and has the nature of the thought that it adds value. Is it an expansive thought, or is it a contractive thought?

It's similar in a way, but the quality is more about the vibration underneath the intention under it and the emotion under it. Whereas nature is just, is it a thought that adds value? Is it a thought that is expansive? These thoughts correlate with other thoughts that are similar to it. This is why you feel a negative emotion when you are driving. You get mad; someone cuts you off. There are other people that have been on that same street that I've also cut people off before they even got angry about it or that have been cut off before and got angry about it.

The nature of that thought is that it might also link to it other thoughts that are similar. Be aware of this energy accumulation as you're walking around. Because in the location that we live, it took me like a month for me to clear out this house. I talked about that in the last video to be about a month to clear at this house when the old people that used to the older people that lived here, I declare out their energy took about a month. But I did put in my thoughts, I do videos on this side of the house. And once again, once I got comfortable, it was just easier and easier for me to have this cultivated environment. The third part of this is I think I want to share with you a three-step process to, I didn't think I was going to share it in this blog.

The definition of thought. For example, if you are very specific, that carries with it a certain level of sharpness, a certain level of a formality. Like for example, the more consistently you are focused on a certain vision, certain definite of thought, the more likely it is to build momentum. But if for example, if I were to say I'm going to go full time on YouTube and I made one video and then I made three weeks later I made another video. I didn't focus on it that much, just focused on at once or twice. But the idea is that by me going daily on YouTube, it allowed me to give something to focus on consistently and then I'd be a clear vision. The vision was to have a certain amount of growth on YouTube, so there was an actual number to that.

It was 100,000 in the beginning because that to me was a symbol that then there's a way for me to go full time doing what I love. I had that vision and every video I would make would be to add value to people, but it would be as a background. There was a part of it that was like, yes, the more that I have time to myself that I can just make these videos the better. Because when I first started on YouTube, I was working a nine to five job and making daily videos on YouTube. I was very busy, but the definiteness is the vision you have. The more consistently you are able to focus on a vision, the more momentum you add to it, the more probability it has to manifest. You see, the idea behind this is that the less you focus on something like attention is what builds anything in your reality.

The more you put attention on something happening, the more that grows as according to the quality you have underneath that intention. It's a high vibrational intention that goes out, and it's something that's very expansive. It's a low vibrational intention. It carries what the resistance, and you'll also not enjoy the process along the way, but if you want to starve some type of a manifestation from happening, maybe a negative manifestation, don't pay attention to it. Complete the past, so you don't have to repeat it. Don't pay attention to it in the sense of don't continuously keep thinking about it repetitively over and over and over again.

If you were to draw your attention away from it, the thought-forms would eventually die. They say this in that book thought for them. They say, if I were to send it, let's say I were to send a feeling of love towards somebody and I send that feeling of love and it's going out, and it's going out in time and space towards that person. Well, the more love I'd send, the more momentum and the more, especially if it's a quote, it's a high quality, which means it's like love. It is a high vibration, and it goes out. What happens is, if I stop feeling that love, if I stopped thinking about that love, then what happens is that formal thought chill be around other nature of thoughts it could develop.

They talk about it in a book, like we all have a mental body. We all have a physical body and astro body and a mental body that's around our energy field. What happens is other people on the world that have this mental energy body and what happens is these soft forms go out, and if it resonates with somebody, then it could be allowed into their energy field, and they could absorb it as their own, which could be a positive thing if it's a high vibrational energy.

On the other side of that though, it shows in that book thought form, it shows the different vibrational, it shows like pictures of the different thoughts and if someone's jealous, it throws out this dagger, this negative vibration, and people are doing that whether they're aware of it or not, if they're feeling jealous or angry at somebody. The key to this is aware of it. And then the key is understanding that these different emotions have different types of thought forms, and if you stop paying attention to it, that's when the thought eventually falls to pieces.

Here's something else I'll say. You might be used to saying, oh, so people said, energy, man, it's going to affect me. The idea is it can only affect you if you are of a similar vibration. It can only affect you. If you aren't and you have a jumbled-up vibration, then it can affect you because it means there's something activated within you. But if you raise your vibrational frequency, if you raise your vibration and you are of love and light, he can't actually penetrate you, not your energy field.

That's why the biggest form, they talk about this in the books, the law of one as well, which I have on the table over there. The biggest form of protection is unconditional love because when you feel love and you, you don't label things as negative and all of these things, then it doesn't affect you as much, especially when you exist in that love frequency no matter what. Here's this little three-step formula I want to share with you really quick. It is quality, intensity, consistency, quality, intensity, consistency, the quality of the thoughts that you have with them, adding value to other people with having a high vibration underneath. It carries with it a level of high vibration.

Then the intensity of the thought you're thinking, which means the intensity, the emotion-focused on gratitude. Focus on high vibrational emotions plus the consistency of those thoughts. Create the reality you want. That was a little three-step thing that kind of broke down as my way of understanding all of this, the quality plus the intensity plus the consistency. Maybe I can make a whole video about that. If you want me to make a whole video about that, let me know. Go and smash that light button.

Let me know, and I will make a whole video. Whoops, I dropped it, so let me know. I will make a whole entire video on the quality, the intensity, the consistency, and show you how to apply it. Plus, there are some other parts I wanted to talk about. As I said, I think this is serious. Let me know if you want me to do a form three oh one even more advanced. But the idea is that the hidden vibration of thoughts is that everything around us is carrying with us a certain vibration. I consistently make videos in this spot in my house for a reason because there's a certain energy here of me bringing through higher vibrational energy and it's sharing these ideas with you and what happens is it makes it easier and easier than when I hop into this space, I'm actually primed it to get into this state.

But, also these thought-forms are all around me right now of positivity, of adding value, and that's why it makes it easy for me to do this. I'm literally emitting out this vibration. It's going into all the objects around me. It's going into this camera. There's a vibration behind this camera that has been influenced by me consistently look into this camera for 20 minutes a day for over a year. The same thing with this easel. This easel is here with me. It's absorbing the energy that I am emitting right now. And this is why some people, you can emit some type of jewelry. I wear this little jewelry thing right here that has multisite on it.

I was making videos. It has this little Tesla played on it. I wear it, I like it, but it has my energy imbued in it. The idea is that these things carry with it a certain vibration. The hidden vibration of thought is that people don't understand that everything has thought in Butte, into it has energy imbued into it from the collective consciousness. There are thought-forms around your city around, I remember when the Golden Knights here in Las Vegas for certain first starting to come up and then went to the finals a couple of years ago.

Such a huge buzz. You couldn't help it. But when I watch the games, you can feel that energy. It's influencing us whether we're aware of it or not. The country you live in has a certain level of social conditioning. These thought-forms are everywhere and depending on where you go. When I go to La in a couple of days, there's going to be a bombardment of so much energy in the city while I'm there that it's going to sometimes for me, after a week or two it gets overwhelming. However, I'll go to Sedona next week, a week like right after I come back and go to Sedona, which has a very high vibration.

There are so many people that go to Sedona that think, wow, amazing. This place is amazing but now thought positive, thought-forms. There's also a lot of higher vibrational activity there in different ways, in different levels, so it's a high vibrational place that's, it's like that. Everywhere you go, whether you're aware of it or not, the key is being aware of the quality, nature, and the definition. Those are the three things that show the quality of the thoughts, and if you're finding that your thoughts aren't creating a real focus instead on raising your vibration, raising your vibrational level of consciousness.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.