3 Reasons Starseeds Came to Earth at this Time


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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of those three reasons that you as a star seed came to Earth, understanding that you are vast than you can possibly imagine, that you don't just have an existence here on earth. You have existences at many different levels.

Of course, the key is to be focused here on our earthly experience, but knowing the things that I'm going to be sharing with you and really kind of diving into them yourself, you're going to start to feel completely different.

You're going to expand yourself to a new level. For this, let's understand first off that we are all multidimensional beings, meaning we exist here in 3D or 4D reality, but at the same time, we exist in higher states of consciousness. When you go to bed at night, you may think, I'm just going to bed. That's it, bro. I'm just going to bed.

That's it. And then you're like, I have some dreams. I have dreams of subconscious things. I have dreams. Here's the thing though, when you go to bed at night, your physical body goes to sleep. You wake up in what is called your astral body and hire bodies that then you are able to do things in higher dimensional realities.

But when you come back into your body, you forget everything that you did. Also think of it like this and higher states of consciousness of when you go to bed at night, when you wake up to these higher states of consciousness, what you are experiencing is beyond what you think beyond the senses you have.

It's beyond how you touch, how you see, how you hear all the senses you use in this reality. It's beyond that so you don't have reference experience for it. Even if you wanted to remember it, your brain, your 3D physical brain wouldn't necessarily know everything that's happening now. Maybe parts of it you would understand, but a lot of it, it's beyond what we can even imagine.

But in general, when you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness and then you wake up in the morning, you forget that. Well, it's a very similar thing here on earth. We come to earth and we forget who we are. That's what makes earth honestly kind of a more difficult place because a lot of other places in the universe that you would incarnate into or you would choose to go to, well known, as I say, choose to go to as well.

It is a choice. When you become aware, especially it's a choice because then you're aware, so you go into a certain reality is you remember who you are, you remember that you are a divine being. You remember that you have this connection to the stars and you have a connection at many different levels. But then you go through your life experience.

They're here. You totally forget who you are. And the thing is right now on the planet, millions and millions of people are waking to who they really are. And that's why there's this transformation happened on the planet right now. It’s a very exciting time to be alive. What happened was, and the way that we can think of this process is we can understand that us as a vast bean would not incarnate all of our energy into one reality system. Because you can't, you're just too big of a bean.

You're too big of a spiritual, of an immortal, spiritual being. And this tie, this earth reality has only been around for so long and it is one, it's just one experience. It's one type of place when you have so many different existences, so many different places, you've been so many different higher densities, higher realities as well.

Just understand that it's about understanding this vastness because the more you acknowledge how vast you really are, the more you give yourself the ability to tap into it. You always have the ability to tap into it, but the more you're going to find information on it, the more you can have that information come through with the help of your guides or with the intention that you have.

The first reason that you chose to come to earth as a star seed right now on the planet is that you heard the call, you heard the call. What I mean by this is back in the 1930s forties there was some stuff that happened. On this planet in general, there's been a certain level of control. You could call this the dark cabal. You could call this the shadow government, whatever you want to call it. ​

Some people know that we create our own reality and what they do is they use the co collective manifestation ability of our whole society to their advantage by controlling the thoughts they don't, by controlling the media that gets put out and therefore controlling the mass amount of people's thoughts. And by doing so it then we create a certain reality.

There's been this level of control for actually thousands of years. And what it is if you keep people in a low vibrational state, they don't ask too many questions. They don't ask, where am I from? Who am I really does all this stuff really matter? You keep people in low vibration and it keeps them in that program. It keeps them literally asleep. And there are many, many people that have been asleep that are now waking up.

Now in general, what happened was, is this planet is a freewill planet, which means that the way it works is we as a collective have free will as to which realities we shift to. We as a collective, we can't have that of like, that's one of the reasons that aliens don't just land and show themselves to us because we have free will as a society.

And until we're ready for that, it won't happen. It's about understanding that there's this different dynamic now. Here's what happened. In the 1930s and forties, there was a call put out into the universe because there was a nuclear bomb that went off. The one in Hiroshima. And when that went off, it affected not only our reality, but it affected its realities even further away from us because a nuclear bomb sets a ripple throughout the universe. And then we as a society are not just influencing that of our reality.

But then as a collective, we were influencing many different realities. At the same time that there's a little caveat when it comes to how reality works with this is we have this free will, but when we start to, when we start to affect other neighboring realities are universes that then come back to where we, that's not allowed. And it's, it's something that then has to be taken care of. What happened was, is there's this, there's been this level of control and the planet, there's been where people have just been kind of remaining in the dark.

We kind of fell back ages ago. We fell into a lower vibrational state where we forgot who we are. And what happened was, is this call was put out earth mother Gaia put out a call, said, I need help. I need help. We need to send, we need to raise our vibration. We need to get out of this lower vibration because otherwise, we're going to destroy ourselves.

We need help. What happened was is we're all chilling in the higher dimensions, doing magical stuff. Literally what we'd consider it to be magical stuff because we're not bound by time and space and the higher realities as much as we are here. Maybe there's a certain element to it, but you can literally appear where you want to appear. You can, there's death, there are abilities beyond what you can imagine. Here's the thing. We heard the call and we knew that we, we all had a connection at some level to earth.

We've had lives here before. We've had experiences here before and we decided, we said, we are going to come to earth to help. We're going to come to earth to help because the earth can you help. And what we decided to do is we knew that it was going to be difficult. We knew that we were going to have to forget who we are.

We knew that we were going to have to go through this process of remembering, which you're going through right now for even reading this blog. We knew that this is going to be a time on the planet of great, amazing change and we knew that and of course we didn't know it was going to be difficult as well and we, we orchestrated it out many of us with our life with kind of like the way we plan out our life, certain aspects, certain appointments you could say we made from higher dimensional reality down to hear of certain things.

People would meet certain things that would trigger us into certain places and that's why everything that's happening in your life has led you to this kind of awakening, but in general weird the call and we decided to come here to help planet earth. You may say sometimes, why don't aliens just land and ETS land and just tell us that you are more multidimensional. Here's some Tesla technology and all of that other stuff.

Why doesn't that happen? Well in the, in this reality there is that level of free will. The only way we could really influence this reality more directly was actually playing by the rules itself. And one the rules are there's a veil of forgetfulness. We had to go through the veil to then help other people wake up. By you waking up right now, you are literally admitting this awareness everywhere you go in it is influencing people.

Even if you don't, if even if you don't know exactly how. This is about understanding that, you know, when I went through my awakening chosen and 12 and I just want to share this really quick, I became aware of a lot of this information and then I thought to myself, why didn't I learn this anywhere else? Why did I have to come and stumble across this through going through so much pain that led me through all of this information? And what I found was that there are people on the planet that know of this. They know of this information.

They know that we already mortal spiritual beings live in temporary experience, human experiences. They know that we create our own reality and their idea as well. We know they create their own reality, but if we control their thoughts, so we control the kind of reality that they have, and if you keep them in a little vibrational box and they're not going to be too, they're not going to be too much of an issue and we can have that control.

It's more about our vibration and it. Anyways, I got angry at this whole situation. I knew there were people that were controlling the planet and I simply knew at a soul level that in this life, it's time. We as a society take our power back. It is time that we take our power back and we understand that we can put our energy in the direction we want because we have creative powers within all of us and all of us combined also equals that as well.

Then what I knew is rather than beat that up and be angry at these people that have so you know, control the world for so long, now I realize it's about us empowering and, and making the change. And that's one of the main things I love about having this YouTube channels that I can help in this way. Help people understand more of who they are. That's one of the reasons you came because you knew that you were going to wake up in this life and that by you waking up it was going to help the collective wake up as well.

And you simply heard the call. The second reason you chose to come to earth at this time, one of the reasons is this as well. There is this very fast quickening of vibration happening. Have you felt it, let me ask you that. Have you felt the quickening of vibration? Have you felt that time appears to be going by so fast? I literally get up every day and it's like, wow, it's already, what is it? Starting March. It's crazy how fast time goes by and it's because our vibration is raised in Nazareth.

Vibration raises our perception. Things start to literally speed up more synchronicity in our life. This is all a part of this process that we're going through. The earth is raising her vibration and as that happens, we're raising our vibration as well because we are connected to earth. Here's the thing, as well as star seats because we all have connections in many different stars.

You may have connections to Pleiades, you may have detection connections to Andromeda. You may have connections to serious all these different connections that you have. You came here at a certain point in the past, came to earth. Many, many, many of us have a certain level of Karma here. And when this opportunity came up for us is to come back was a wind because we can come back here right now and we get to work through so much Karma, so much quicker.

Things have been coming up for so many stars seeds. What I mean by that is past life stuff is coming up. You May, my brother called me the other day and he's going through his own little spiritual awakening and he told me that he has been hearing music that he doesn't know where the music is coming from and he's been having these memories of things he doesn't, he doesn't have in his life. I've had my own past life stuff come up over the last couple of years because I'm going through my own deepening of this process.

But in general, as the vibration raises on the planet, we have a very unique ability to work through Karma faster than ever before because, after this life on earth, we will have the choice as to whether we come back or whether we stay in higher realms. For many of us as we the quit, it depends on how quick and how much we work we do in this life, but in general, we have the ability to more consciously ascend to in this life rather than die unaware because we already mortal spiritual beings anyway, so death really is just a passing through a different doorway.

However, the doorway you pass through, you can choose at the end of your life if you gain enough awareness rather than just kind of being thrown down a different hallway because of the unawareness. Do you see that as something that we knew is that this, this happening right now?

Do Your own inner work. You made good. We'll be going through some shadow work. The shadow self there is literally so much light being infused on the planet right now that it's getting into the crevices of our body and it's bringing up everything that we haven't dealt with even past life stuff, so as we become aware of it, just observe it, allow it to be there. No, it's a part of the process and watches because your vibration will continue to raise more and more.

The third reason you chose to come to earth at this time has to do with understanding you as a frequency holder. You could call yourself a frequency holder. You could call yourself a system's busser. This is similar to the first one, but understand that you admitting your vibration from the stars because it's a part of your soul is putting out a frequency.

Everywhere you go, it's putting out a frequency. You'll see little things floating around that you then see if it was just like you were looking at it in a room. Well in a way what's happening is we're all connected like that. Yes, there's air, but there are these vibrational threads that go through all of us and through everything and when we have thoughts it influences the people all around us.

Even if we don't see them, the neighbors, everything is influencing everything cause we're all connected now by us waking up now and that's holding this frequency. All around the world. People are popping and having these spiritual awakenings, understanding their connection to the stars. And by doing so they start to tap more into their core frequency. That's influencing everyone else. And it's going to continue to speed up the process. I believe that in this life there's going to be so much a quick knee.

There's going to be so much that happens over the next five or 10 years. It's hard to even imagine. It's hard to even imagine and I think it is the most amazing time to ever be alive. And there are books by Dolores Cannon. If you want more information on this, about why I came to that conclusion. Dolores Cannon who passed away recently was a hypnotherapist for like 40 years. She developed a technique or was well known, well known for a technique called QHHT quantum healing hypnosis technique, which gets people to the deepest levels of brainwave activity where our higher self can come through.

There are physical self-kind of goes to sleep. That higher self comes through and they can ask any question. She could ask questions like, why did you incarnate at this time? Ask questions like, why did you have this relationship with your dad and your mom and what was this car? What was this? Or what is it like to be not in, in life, to be like in between physical life and other life or whatever? What's it like in the higher realms?

She's interviewed and done this technique with thousands and thousands of people in her books are just transcripts of all of those things. Here's the one consistent thing that she found through. Many people, they came to earth to be a part of the most amazing time ever of this transformation that's happening. It is the most exciting time to be alive ever.

And one of the things as well, and the transcripts was this, this understanding that there are souls that just want to be here right now to just say they were here. The idea was like there's this bubble around the earth and there was soul wanting to come in. And right now you may notice there are almost 8 billion people on the planet. Why are there so many people? Is it just population?

Yes, but it's also so many souls want to be here to be a part of this transformation, to be a part of this change that's happening. And the visual that came through in these hypnotherapy sessions was that there is this grid around the planet. There were soldiers that wanted to come in and there were soldiers that were like, you know, they'd be like, someone would, you know, some soul that was like helping them guide where they would go and say, okay, well if you want to be alive on earth right now, you're going to be alive.

You know, it's going to be a very short life. Most likely these are the probabilities of you going through this, this, and this, and it's going to be, it may be very painful and a soul would say, I don't even care. I want to be alive on earth to say I was here during this time. Okay, go. And then that so would go, but you're here for much more. You're here to wake up and to help other people wake up. And part of your purpose in life is to help these people wake up and that you going through it.

It's literally popping and popping in the collective consciousness and it's going to help more and more people wake up. You are a star being, you have existences at many different levels, but at the same time, you're meant to have a human experience.

Know that as well. It's about really embracing this experience. Knowing that as you tap into your core frequency, you tap in to who you are, knowing you are in the mortal spiritual being, living in temporary human experience, and that you're much more than you can imagine and that in this life it is the most important time to be alive ever.


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