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Today, I'm going to be showing you a simple formula that you can apply in your life, and it's very simple. When you applied simple techniques, you find it's easier actually to implement. It's actually a state easy to stay consistent too, and I know that it can be tempting. It can be very attempting to watch a mini different type of manifestation videos, how to create your own reality, how to shift through parallel realities, and understand what we're learning. With quantum physics, it can be very tempting to watch many different perspectives.

However, what happens is when we have all these different perspectives, there's not a clear focus as to actually what to do or how to be. That's why this blog, I believe you can just keep on coming back to this blog understanding. This is exactly what has allowed me to go from working a nine to five job. I didn't care about seeing myself in a certain way. Having a certain set of thoughts, actions, and feelings, and then changing my reality by what I apply in this blog with the formula to where now I traveled the world doing what I love. I live in a great amount of abundance, and I get to wake up every day excited to be alive.

And I think that that's your natural birthright as well. I think it's something you do once you apply the formula that I'm going to be sharing with you in this blog. Before we get into that formula; what I want to share with you is something that is called the Robert Dilts model. The Robert Dilts model is a, a, a chart that shows you the different levels of change, the different levels of how we create transformation in our lives. I didn't even know this when I applied the formula that I share with you that changed my life. And pretty much anybody that's attained a certain amount of success has used it indirectly or directly.

But it's this simple idea.The idea is that, for example, say you're currently living in a situation where you feel like people are bringing you down, you feel like you're around a lot of negative. Well, what you could do is you could move your environment, and if you were to then move to a new place, for example, that may solve the problem. Or if you still have behaviors that even book behaviors or beliefs that say that everyone around me is negative, or you have behaviors that reflect that negativity back to that bring more negativity into your life. Even if you change the environment, you still will get the same result. They have a saying that wherever you go, there you are.

The idea is that even if you change your environment, sometimes that doesn't guarantee change. However, it can definitely help. As you move up these levels as well as you look and you tailor your environment, then you could tailor your book, your behaviors, change your habits, that'll have a certain effect on your life. But as you move up, these tend to have more and more influence over you. Then you have skills and capabilities, things that you learn about what you were doing. Say you wanted to focus on creating art, which is a behavior, but then you started to develop that of skills and capabilities around that. Well, that's a little bit more of a detailed vibration. You could say.

The basis of everything I'm sharing with you today is that if you change your vibration, you change the reality you're experiencing, but this will help you understand a little bit more about what I eventually share with this formula. Then you'll see above that is values and beliefs. If you, for example, change your environment, but you still believe you're unworthy, you believe that negative people are always around you, then you'll find yourself creating that environment again because the beliefs you have are what actualized and allow you to perceive of certain things in your life so you could change the person, your, you know, the environment you're with and the kind of person you're around.

But then if you have beliefs that keep bringing people like that in, then you will continue to create that experience. Above that, of understanding your beliefs, whether you're worthy or what, how hard it is attracted to a relationship, or how easy abundance comes to you. More powerful than your beliefs are your identity. It's who you are. It is the way that you see yourself, and when you change your identity, you change your life, understand that your identity up until this point has been a game of agreement.

You've simply agreed, this is who I am. Something happens to you. You agree that this is who I am. You have subconscious beliefs from your parents. You agreed to it at subconscious levels and said, I'm going to take this on. This is who I am, and it's an unconscious thing, but it's still a part of the identity. Well, the pod process I'm going to be sharing with you has to do with becoming aware of that identity, letting it go. Realize that you have to take responsibility for it because you agreed to it and then simply realizing you can model in mere the beliefs of the version of you living the dream life you want to live and simply decide. That's who I am now.

That's why awareness is so powerful because when you become aware of your identity, then you can actually do something about it. But if you just think this is the way reality works, this is the way I am, then what happens is that that reality you experience, you will experience Oh over and over and over and over again because it's just on autopilot. You can understand that if you want to create any vibrational change in your reality, you can change at the level of the environment. You can change at the level of behavior. You can change it, the level of skills and capabilities, beliefs and values, and identity. But here's the thing, the thing that I want to share with you is that what quantum physics is showing us is that every moment is a completely new moment. But we have memory; we have this memory that we have about who we are.

Oh yeah, this is who I am. A lot of this is autopilot mind because we're just thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day, doing the same things every day. Therefore, we're getting the same results all over and over and over again. But this is about being aware of that identity, right? The idea is, what story are you telling yourself? What story are you recreating for yourself over and over and over again? And if it feels like it's the same story, it's not actually the same story. It appears to be because of the fluidity. It's a completely noon, same story. It's a completely new same story. It's completely new, the same story over and over and over again. The power of this is knowing that you are recreating yourself already.

You don't even have to learn how to do this, but the thing is, are you clear? Creating yourself over and over and over again to be the kind of person that you really like want to be. And if not, then there's an old story there. There's a story about why you can't have everything you want in your life. There's a story about why you don't have love in your life. There's a story about why you don't have the abundance you want in your life, but understand it's just the story. But you might, yeah, tell yourself that over and over and over. But remember you're creating that over and over and over again. Well, quantum physics shows us is that everything is constantly dying and being reborn, dying, and being reborn.

But it's the story that glues this all together that keeps the identity, the story about your identity, the story about who you are is that as a bean here, as a being on planet earth, are you as a spiritual being that has the flexibility to create what you want? Are you the robust heavy bean with this heavy story in this dark pass that's keeping you in a certain vibration? You see, beliefs create reality. You change your beliefs, you change your life. I like to go deeper than beliefs and understanding that our identity is where our beliefs STEM from, but when we can become free of the story, we then become free of all these things that keep us within a certain frequency. Bandwidth. Here is the formula I want to share with you.

This is what I used in my life. This is what completely transformed my life. This is why now I live in more abundance than ever before. It's the simple three-part formula and I'll explain it a little bit more but in a second. This is what it is. Intention plus attention minus importance equals your preferred reality. The intention is also action. The intention is an outcome for a way you prefer to be. Attention is the boundaries of your energy. It's the boundaries of your focus. It is your, your laser light precision of the vision that you have. If you can tailor your attention, which is exactly what I did on YouTube, is I simply focused on daily videos. I had friends that were like, Hey Aaron, come hang out. I said, Nope. I have this vision. I have this attention that I have to focus on what I'm doing because attention equals growth.

The intention is action, and being intentional is also connected to your heart center. You can look at Dr. Wayne Dyer. Definition of intention has to do with your intention in life, your purpose in life, so intention slash action plus attention, which is your boundaries of going in a certain direction, minus importance. If you make things very, very important, you put it on a pedestal. It's immediately separate from you. What you are doing when you put things on a pedestal is you are saying that your identity is below that of what you want to be.

Anytime you say, I really, really want, you know what you also say, I really, really don't currently have because if you wanted it, what if you didn't want it? It means you would already be in the vibration of being able to have it. The vibration of wanting something and the vibration of having something are two completely different realities, right? Sarah, I want this. I want this. I want this. I want this. I'm saying I don't have it. I don't have it. I don't have it if I don't have it, but if I were to stay and just see myself, it's natural to part of my self-image. It's natural for me to be making daily videos on YouTube, sharing these ideas online. I have boundaries with my intention, and then I also have the intention, which is the action and the thoughts and the outcome that I create that in my life, and here's the formula that will absolutely transform your life.

This is the basis of all of my teaching on YouTube. This is everything I teach on YouTube right here. You are recreating yourself over and over and over again. Regardless, do you don't have to learn how to do this. It's going to happen regardless. There is a version of you that exists right now because everything exists right here, right now. There is a version of you that is the dream version of you, exactly how you'd like to be that thinks a certain way, that feels a certain way. There's a version of you that's living your ideal lifestyle isn't the perfect relationship, has the perfect family dynamic that is a, has certain daily habits every day that lives in abundance. That version of you already exists. The vibration of that version of you are maybe different than the current vibration of you. Look at that best possible case version of you.

Notice your thoughts. Notice your emotions, notice your actions, notice your habits. Notice the kind of books you read. Notice the kind of lifestyle you have noticed, the kind of way you relate to other people. Notice the beliefs that you have noticed, the skills and capabilities you have noticed the kind of boundaries you have, and all you gotta do then is use your imagination. Imagine this version of you as you decide that to who you are now, that's you. That's who you prefer to be. That's the real you because it's going into your heart. What you do is you simply decide, that's who I am now. That person already exists. If you model the thoughts, the behaviors, the actions, and the boundaries of that version of you, you will eventually get that reality because that's the way reality works. It's a reflection of our vibration, and like a radio signal, a radio tuner just tunes to different radio stations.

All the frequencies already exist. The radio tunes to a frequency that already exists and then can then perceive it in the same way the version of you that's killing the game live in the kind of lifestyle you want. It already exists. All you have to do is tune yourself to it, tuned to the vibration of it by simply deciding, this is who I am now. Inevitably, what will come up with these stories about all, it can't be that easy. I can't just decide not to. I am, I am. I'm going to have all these negative beliefs that come up, these negative stories. Well, that's why you do something called meditate every single day for 10 or 15 minutes, and you become aware of these stories. You become aware of these doubts. You become aware of these things, and as you learn to observe it, you didn't relate to it in a new way, but you decided that's who you are now.

When these things come up, you realize you identify it as part of the old you. It's no longer you are the old you. It's the unconscious you. It's you that was on autopilots that you, that was just absorbing the beliefs of your environment, your family in the news. It's not really you. Most of who you think you are. If you're on autopilot, it's not you anyways. It's agreements that have happened in the past has agreements about who you are, the stories you tell yourself, but it's not actually you, the identity you that you prefer to be unless you're living your purpose, you're living your passion, and you feel completely aware of these patterns, and it'll go continue to come up. I still have parts of myself and layers of myself coming up, and it's like, Oh, there's this unconscious shadow aspect of myself.

I become aware of it and then the awareness, I realized it's not really me, and then I can be this be the version. We could go beyond beliefs and into being, being in the frequency and the flow state, and who you really are. And when you do that, there are no intellectual ideas of beliefs and limiting beliefs and all these things when you're just being, when you're present to the moment, when you understand this perfect version of you already exists, and all you have to do is, give yourself permission to be in reality is based on agreement. You've simply agreed that you liked by content, and you watch my videos, and therefore, because other people have also agreed to it, the channel has grown, and now I can do what I love full time.

Here's the thing, I had first to give myself permission to be that version of myself, and then everyone started to see me the way I saw myself because all reality is reflection anyways. Give yourself permission to be the way you'd prefer to be. See yourself the way you want other people to see you simply be that version of you give yourself permission. You see, you could on that chart that I showed you where you have environments, behaviors, skills and capabilities, beliefs, and identity. You can just be the artist. That's the identity. Just be the artist, and naturally, you'll find yourself in an environment, or you're the artist. You'll find yourself behaving like the artist or develop the skills and the capabilities of the is. You'll eventually have the consistent beliefs that you're the artist, and that all trickles down. But what sometimes people try to do is they change at the bottom levels is that I'm not an artist yet.

I can't give myself permission to be the artist. I have to have an art gallery studio. I have to have a lot of people that agreed that my art is valuable. I have to have all of these things in place. Then I can be an artist, but you see the way reality works is not that you must first have something, then you can do something. Then you can be something. The way reality really works is, you must first be it. Then you can do it, and when you do it it's probably from a different vibration, and then you can have that which you won't change at the level of being and the way you do that is your intention, your action, you being the version of you you've referred to be all I did to go full time on YouTube as I imagined the future version of me in a year from now, how was I thinking, feeling and acting and then I realized that that version of me was making daily videos on YouTube.

I was working a nine to five job selling woman's shoes. I said, this is the old me. This is the old story that I have to work a nine to five job I don't care about, and I simply identify the version of me that I was like, Oh, that of Aaron is making daily videos. I'm going to start making daily videos. I did that, and within months when full time doing what I love, I just simply gave myself permission to be it. Here's the funny thing, I started making videos first five 10 15 if he doesn't, we're very cringy. Even now, some of my videos might be a little bit grungy, but guess what? As I started to do it, I started to change my self-image. I started to see myself at the level of identity. I'm like, why make it daily videos? I do even go full time.

YouTube has too, but then I started to give myself permission just to express my ideas, and then as I put off that energy, guess what happened? People were like, Oh, Aaron, that's pretty cool. I like that idea. I'm going to follow, I'm going to subscribe, but it stems from my being this, it stems from my own energy. It's a certainty I have it in myself. I think the reason a lot of people like my videos, by the way, is because I just have a lot of certainty behind what I say. I say things make a simple and show you that you can do it too, but is this certain? It's the energy behind what I say. I just believe in what I talk about. I really do believe wholeheartedly in everything that I'd say it works for me. I believe it will work for you, and that's what people like.

I give myself permission to express these ideas and to be that, and in the same way, how can you be the version of who you prefer to be? How can you look at the level of identity, and so we decided this is who I am now? Simple. That's who I am now, and as you begin to tap into that, everything begins to change. You have the old story that you tell yourself the old autopilot way that you've been in the story that's on autopilot. And then once you do is you identify, and you can become aware of the current thoughts, emotions, and actions you're taking. That's the old view. You're recreating yourself over and over and over again, whether you try or not. The idea is you can create a greater degree of change between quote where you are, and you live in your dream reality.

You can just decide that's who you are. There's also something that I teach for this called the shift technique. I have a webinar that shows you how to experience the shift. If you haven't seen it yet, you can join the next one by clicking the link at the top of the description box below. I will show you how to get out of what it's called, the identity lock, the identity locks, where keeps this story going and how you can simply be in this higher vibrational state, which by the way, you're a higher vibrational bean or you just simply be that version of you and how you can then change your life from the inside out has to do with the level of identity. I show you exactly how to do that in the Shift Experience webinar.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.