3 Ways Extraterrestrials Communicate with you (and you don’t even know it)

I'll be sharing with you the three ways that extra-terrestrials or communicating with you, and you don't even know what these are things that are already happening in your life in certain ways, and it's time you know about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing those three ways that extra-terrestrials are communicating with you right now. And you may not even know it. And a lot of this has to do is honestly the beliefs that you have. Because if you believe or understand the awareness, you could say that extra-terrestrials exist and you are open to the idea of it or open to the experience of it, then you're more likely to recall this information. Here's the thing though, every single person on this planet is multidimensional, meaning that they exist at many different layers, many different levels at the same time.

But the key is knowing that that is the case, knowing that we're not just these physical ego, structure body, and we're so much more than that. And by knowing that we then begin to open up more opportunities that can happen to where we can recall that because a lot of the things I'll be sharing in this video, it's about understanding that it's already happening. It's not like in the future there'll be this happening, it's already happening, but there'll be in the future there'll be more of it happening consciously.

Understanding as well that extra-terrestrials when we talk about the idea of it in this lifetime, there will be more and more understanding of this and not only that, but more and more experience of it as well because actually trash shows had been around for thousands of years, thousands of before, before humans were even on this earth extra. Also, having come into earth and then leaving, but it's about understanding that a lot of these ETS are also higher dimensional beings.

We exist here in three, four d or third fourth density and with the ability to now tap into more of a fifth dimensional state of consciousness as well. However, these beings, many of them were up five, six or seven d awareness and it goes beyond that. But there's also a mixture of everything in between as well. But understand that there's also, this information has been known for a very long time through that certain authorities, you could say, I won't get too much into that, but this information just as generally known now when it comes to extraterrestrial contact, there are certain benchmarks that you can understand for prepping us for this kind of experience. Let me share with you something that Bashar has said.

Bashar has been around for like 30 and 40 years and since he's been channeling, I mean literally since I think 2000 or before that, he said that the highest degree of probability that we as a we'll have open contact with extraterrestrial civilization will be between the years of 2025 to 2033 that's what he's been saying for like 10, 15 years. But what it does mean is that if you are in resonance with that and you have an intention to meet what you call an extra-terrestrial, then you will have the ability to do so at certain locations and in certain ways, but it will be more of a small-scale thing at first.

It will happen in different ways. It's not like the White House lawn type thing. Understand when it comes to extra trash rooms as well, many of them look very similar to us. Many of them are human. A humanoid, which means you know, the, the, the way that we use our body, it's very similar. There are some that are completely different. There are many, many different types. Just like there's many different types of plants and animals. There's so many different types because the universe is so vast.

However, a lot of these could blend in with us. They could literally blend in with us and be walking around in society would have no idea. Understand that it's not like they have to be great aliens that land, although I'm sure that could happen and will eventually happen in the future. But at first my guess is it's going to be people or it's going to be being that look very similar to us because humans as us as a race are very prejudice and if you see something too different in freaks humans out, there's still humans on the planet that are still getting over racism, meaning that you judge someone based on the color of their skin.

And even though this is a meat suit body that we are using for a short period of time, and many of us have been many different races in the past, but we are coming up more aware of this. And in general, this is what Bashar said would happen if an extra-terrestrial were to walk up to a higher dimensional, extra-terrestrial, which means that there's still embody. However they have such a high vibration.

If they were to walk up to us, what would happen is if we weren't integrated into who we are and they were to be walking up to us as they're getting closer to us, their energy field, which is so integrated, they may be feeling so much unconditional love of such a high vibration that as they walk up to us and they can become closer to our energy field, we would be feeling within us.

Everything that wasn't integrated would be breeding, brought up to the surface to be integrated. And in that moment, if we weren't integrated, we would look at that extra-terrestrial and we would assume that they are making us feel that negative emotion or that that stuff that's coming up. And the key is knowing that it's about us integrating ourselves now so that when a higher dimensional being were to walk up to us, we would be integrated and be able to be in that same vibration.

It's about knowing that we must do the work now. We must integrate all of this now and do ourselves because as we integrate it, we then allow ourselves to have be in a higher vibrational stage that we can perceive more of this. In general, understand that as much as some of us would want to make and to communicate with extra-terrestrials that sometimes we have to first, mostly actually we have to focus on our own vibration.

We must focus on our own vibration and raising it because as we raise our own vibration, then we are in an able to perceive of them. When you go to bed at night, you wake up to this as well, you know this, but when you come back into your body, there's a veil of forgetfulness and you forget all of this. When I say all of this, let's understand as well, there are certain levels to it. There are certain protocol I guess you could say that extraterrestrials have with revealing and communicating with us. And the first way that extra-terrestrials communicate with us is in dream state because in dream state we're already in a higher vibrational state.

A lot of times the dreams we have as well that we think are happening are more of symbols of things that are happening in different stages. But in general, in our dream states we have much more access to not only extra-terrestrials but also to people that have passed away. Because as we leave our physical body, when we go to bed at night, we are, they know what it's called, the astral body, the Astrobotic is not bound by the physicality of the human body.

And can they communicate with other people in the astral realms. And once you call ghosts are just simply people that have shed their physical body and our an astro form. And that could be people that have passed away in your current life that you could be having communication with. When you go to bed at night, you are communicating with other beings that are people that maybe have passed away in your life.

You are also connecting to that of extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrials are that of many different beings that you feel connected to and sometimes these extraterrestrials making you certain symbols so that you feel comfortable. Because what I'm sharing with you right now, maybe opening you up to understanding more that you don't need to be afraid of these extra-terrestrials because many of them are other versions of you.

There are versions of you in different realities because we exist here right now in this three 4D reality, but we also exist in a five or 6D reality, six or 7D reality. We exist in many different realities and because of that we could see that I'm not going to be afraid of that because that is another aspect of me. In the same way, the first way that extra-terrestrials will normally communicate with using your dream state and if you open yourself up and you set the intention, you get communication, your dream state, you'll find that you start to have these opportunities.

These experiences. However, sometimes it'll get you symbols, say that you are very religious and what you feel more comfortable with, well with instead of ETS is that an angel's? Well you make picture of that or see an angel but it may have a little bit different vibe to it. You may feel a little bit different vibe and you may then have a certain type of experience with that. But understand that in general there's certain belief systems that may come in and also when you look at this, think about it in the terms of this way of looking at it in the form of symbols, there are certain star systems that when you start to open yourself up to, you can see certain symbols of it.

For example, serious a lot of times is, is depicted as a dog, as the dog star is what some people would say and the dog starts. If you, have you guys ever seen the movie, the Harry Potter movie? The third one was Sirius black. Sirius black. Sirius has this ability and Harry Potter to turn into that of a dog. Well series is also represented by the dog star. In your dream, you might have a communication with a dog, some type of connection to a dog and a certain type of emotion.

That's why I taught so important and dreams to pay attention to the emotion you feel. And it may actually be representative of the series serious star system of being from series that you connect it to that you are contacting. ETS understanding are already in contact with you and it depends on how open you are to this to how much you become aware of this. And the more you open yourself up to it as the more you become aware of it.

The first place they normally will have this type of communication is in dream state because it's just easier to get to us. There's so many physical beliefs we have emotions we have in process, but in the astro form or much looser, we're much more able to communicate. Set the intention that you open up to this communication in dream state and be aware of what comes up.

The second way the ETS, we'll communicate with you, and this is something that Bashar, once again I said will happen is that in a way, one of the first ways we started to become aware of ETS isn't just like CNN and Fox News comes out with it on the, on the internet or on the Internet anywhere. It will be more of people having their own memories. Imagine that. How can you be so afraid of extra-terrestrials and wants to fight them or something like a lot of people aren't.

A lot of that has to do with social conditioning as well. We've been conditioned since such a young age to want to like fight that of these ETS because of the way they depict them in media and movies. And there's a reason they do that by the way. But when you look at it, once you could see is that you can, you can understand that if it's coming from you, if it's coming from your own memory, start to have memories of some type of other planetary existence memories of something that's happening in dream state. If have memories like that, then guess what?

You can't be as angry towards anything else because it's something that's already within you and it's something maybe even you feel connected to it. You feel compassion for a lot. These extra-terrestrials that we will be coming into contact with our other versions of us and they have our best interest at heart because they want to see us succeed. Never before has it been on a planet that a whole planet, 7.5 plus billion people have had the ability to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

But it is happening now. It's happening in waves, but it's happening now and if you're watching this video, you're one of the first waves to be going through it because billions of people will be going through this over the next coming years. But imagine that extraterrestrials are giving you and helping you unlock memories that have always been there. But in a way it's like a certain soul contract to where we become aware of these things. We have locked kids and as we unlock these memories, we become aware of them and we can't really be mad at anyone.

We can't be mad at something else because it's coming from within. It's coming so organically. Bashar has said that one of the ways that extraterrestrial contact will happen is just memories of us being connected already. It is things that communication has already happened because it's already been there. You may think that it's a communication that is just now happening, but it could also just be a memory that has been unlocked within you. It's almost like DNA is coming on board and you're becoming more aware of this.

But like I said, the first step is raising your own vibration, making the change within yourself, integrating the shadow aspect of yourself because as you integrate the shadow aspect, you are then in a higher vibrational state and then you can more so resonate with these beings. The memories will begin to unlock, set the intention for them to unlock so he wouldn't happen. You have spiritual guides understand that as well. Your guides can help you with this process. I'm ready when I go to bed at night to have more contact. They'll give you maybe a little bit at a time, a little bit to feel more comfortable with.

We know we like to think we're just completely 100% ready right this moment. I would love to think that, but in actuality there'll be certain things that happen to where to where it's like, oh, that's a, you know it. It's easy to say, but instead of the thing to feel it and to be in that vibration, so just know that he could say easier. The more you go through it and set the intention to as well. Here’s the third way.

This way is actually pretty cool. The third way that ETS communicate with you is in physical life right now, as you walked around, there are actually not only spiritual guides around you, but there are many different projections of consciousness. What I mean by this is there are the ability of beings to be in that have their own reality, to project their consciousness here to help us.

For example, there is a little, if I want to share this, maybe I will. There is a group or a civilization that actually lives inside of the earth, a higher dimensional race that lives inside of the earth. And what they have is they had these little rooms, you might be asking how I understand this. There's a show called cosmic disclosure on Gaia, but Gaia has these. has this show called cosmic disclosure that I'm a big fan of, which has to do with someone named Corey Goode and David Wilcock talking about this kind of information with firsthand experience with these kinds of beings.

But there is a being a civilization that lives inside of the earth that's a fourth dimensional race, positive, helping humanity to ascend into higher vibrational states of consciousness like what we're doing. And they had this room in one of their, one of their places, they live in this kind of magical place, but they have this room that they would go in almost eight, like shape a seats. They would sit in that are kind of like hovering off the ground.

They sit in them and they can project their consciousness to certain places on earth. And what they might do is they make project their level of consciousness to here, for example, where I am right now and if they're looking at where I am in there, looking at my timelines of what I'm experiencing, something that they may do is they may implant a certain idea or certain download that I would get. This download could be a simple idea. It could be a little thought form.

And in a way, it's like they download that thought form into my energy field and then I feel it and I have this thought or this idea and that idea switches my timeline to a more optimal timeline. These beings are in a way kind of like they can, they can't help us guide us. And in general, these are positive beings that are helping us. It’d be more positive timeline thing versus a negative one, but it's almost like the plants an idea right here it comes in my energy field.

We have a Toronto field around her body and I'm like, come, I have this cool idea. And a lot of times when I make these videos, by the way, the reason I can do daily videos is because I'm allowing this information to flow through. I wouldn't be able to make videos every single day for three years or two years if it were my ego that had to constantly figure all of this out. Of course, I do my own research, but this information just starts to pull through. In the same way, that is a way that these higher dimensional beings can come in and plant, download ideas into us.

I thought downloads is how you can think of it. And that's the communication. We may not be directly relevant aware of it, but it comes with in our energy field and then it switches our timeline. Like I said, if you're interested in checking out cosmic disclosure, you'll see it below. But I don't really watch Netflix. I watched Gaia TV. If you're interested in it, you'll see it. Watch cosmic disclosure, you'll get sucked right in and goodbye for three weeks. That's what happened to me and actually I still re-watch the videos as well.

Anyways, all three of these ways are ways that extra-terrestrials communicate with us and when you start to tap into an open to the idea, you'll find more and more experiences in your life that reflect this back to you. Understand that this is something natural. This is a part of our evolution between 2025 and 2033 is the highest degree of probability that we will have extraterrestrial contact. Not meaning it's on CNN and it's landing on the White House. But in general, if you are open to this, you will have more and more experiences of it. You've already been having experiences.

When you go to bed at night, open yourself up, set the intention to remember more of this, understand that a lot of these things will be memories that unlock within you and then know that you have guidance. You have your guides to help you with this process. Connect to your spiritual guides. Many of your spiritual guides are also connected.

The extraterrestrial races, they most likely are a lot of them and you just kind of see it in ways that are comfortable for you, but in general, set that intention. You'll learn more and more about it. Something else I have for you is if you want to help and raise your vibration so that you can go through this process it usually than ever.


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