STOP Chasing Money & Abundance and START Having it by doing this!


When it comes to chasing, stop chasing and instead start having, this has to do with understanding that the more you chase, the more you feel lack, the more you resist, the more you don't perceive of what you want. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what to do to start chasing and start having money and abundance.

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Today, I'm going to show you how to start having and stop chasing. Chasing has to do with understanding the energy dynamics that are going on. The first thing to know about this is that chasing especially from a desperate place and even that of wanting, if you heard the Buddhist said, the Buddhist said this, you said that desire is the root of all suffering. When people suffer, they're that in a state. That scale of consciousness that I always share. You'll see anger, fear, doubt, and then you eventually see willpower or willingness, love, joy, peace and enlightenment. Towards the bottom though is actually desire.

You might say, well that doesn't make sense. Don't you need a why taught to burning desire? Like books, they can grow rich to be successful. Understand that that desire, that feeling of lack is a low vibrational emotion that then attracts more of things in life that reflect back that feeling. Have you ever noticed that there may be a certain way you feel and maybe someone will tell you something and you'll react in a certain way, but if you are feeling a different way, you'd react in a completely different way? It depends on how we feel to be then the experience that we have in life now chasing is where we are looking for something outside of us and we are trying to make that a part of us.

This has to do with chase. He also has to do with understanding, desire, wanting. It has to do with translating and turning this wanting into something much more powerful, which I'll talk about. This is something I realized, especially I used to work a sales commission job and the more that I would help customers and I really want them to buy, it'd be like, please buy please just once you buy these shoes is what I sold women's shoes. The more that I could feel that resistance in the morning, it would repel them. Imagine if you want to attract money or even love and you're like, I hope this goes well. Oh my goodness. Then what happens is they could feel that and they're like, I'm good. It's almost like you're repelling them. It's like repelling energy, but when there is an understanding that I'm good, either way, it's a different type of energy that's not chasing.

Have you ever noticed, we're just talking to energy dynamics here, but if you ever noticed the cool guy, like think about the stereotypical, like the archetype of a cool guy in high school who's like just sitting there on lunch at the snack shack with like leather or a vegan leather jacket and then he's like, he's like just cool and stuff? All the chicks go up to them and like, Hey, can that sit next to him? He's like, I don't care, and it's like he's got that carefree attitude, right? He's not attached. What if non-attachment is actually the key to all of this? He's just not attached and this happens many times when people are in this state of like being curious but not attached being and having. This is why. Also having fun is one of the best ways to raise your vibration.

Then attract money, love or abundance into your life, but attachment and even putting things on a pedestal. If it's very important that you make a certain amount of money, then it means it's not natural. The key is to make this natural. Here's the other thing. When it comes to abundance and money, the where people get caught up is people chase money in abundance. Even though money in abundance is a symbol, it is a symbol. The key is to understand that money in abundance is a reflection of you doing something, being a certain way and adding value into the world. If you go about it that way, then you won't actually be happy and you'll find yourself. It's just going about it backwards. It's like chasing the symptoms instead of going to the cause. What causes money in abundance? What causes money in abundance is you being in a certain state.

This is about understanding that different energy dynamic. You know, when I started making YouTube videos, I started feeling in my flow and my state and before I even did YouTube, I was intending, I found this guy on online that was making money by making Kindle books. What he would do is have like certain personal development marketing and he'd figure out different Kindle books to be made and we like manage to have the made and then marketing them. I thought that was a really cool idea because you could make money passively, right? But what I eventually realized was that I wasn't really passionate about it. I bought a course, I started applying it, but I felt like I was forcing myself. I didn't enjoy it cause I was chasing the money. I was chasing this, this dream rather than getting to the core of who I am and figuring out what do I want.

Then knowing that money in abundance is a natural reflection of that. But here's the key that makes a huge difference when it comes to money and abundance. How do you see yourself? Because when I was working at a sales-commission job, literally every single day I went into work, I would like there would be a, you start at zero and you'd help customers. What happened is the next day there'd be a certain list of the top salespeople, all the salespeople. You can see what everyone's sold the day before. What we would then do is it was almost like always a competition in a way, the competition to see who could sell the most. Actually you kept your job by remaining on that list in order. If you were always at the bottom, then you could get in trouble. Right? I worked there for years and I would sell.

I was always kind of right in the middle, right in the middle on that like I was an average salesperson. Well, there came a time when I learned about the self-image and I started to apply something. I started to meditate and release. I learned meditation, which completely transformed my life. I released my old self-image and I simply started to feel as if I was already at the top of the list and then I went into work and I was and I acted and I was helping customers as if that was me. Guess what happened? Within two or three days I was a top salesperson. From that point going forward, I was one of the top two or three people out of like 15 people and before that I was right in the chunk of the middle. Self-image is powerful because of the way we see ourselves as projected out to other people and it has a certain magnetism.

What I didn't focus on there is I didn't focus on making the money. I focused on being that kind of person. You see the difference here? When it comes to this, realize the more you want something, the more you vibrationally say, I don't have it. Look at this. It's like I want $10,000 I want $10,000 I don't have the $10,000 I really want it. It's got it up on a pedestal and if it would just come up with a pedestal, it can be my go into my bank account. Don't feel really good. That's one vibration. Then let's go over here. It's more silky, smooth, vibrational, more buttery, smooth. It's $10,000 it's natural for me to have or make or it's just easy. It's with the flow. I don't have to chase it. Why would I chase that money? Why would I even want that money?

It's just a natural part of my identity. It comes as a result of me being who I naturally am of adding value into the world. You see, these are two very different vibrations and the key to this is this is a huge, huge difference. It has to do with non-attachment. It has to do with the higher-level paradigm of manifestation. The way you, it's not your fault, by the way, know that as well. It's not your fault. You've been taught this, they teach this and a lot of law of attraction stuff. You got to want it, have a white-hot burning desire. But that's actually what is blocking you from experiencing it in your life. The only time desire is cool or powerful is when that desire then propels you to take action, which means that then once you're taking the action, you're out of the desire, but many people will remain in that place.

Here's the thing to remember as well. Gratitude. Just gratitude. When you think about it like this, I really, really want, and then think about it. I'm so grateful now that I've attracted this. Gratitude re literally merges you with a potentiality that is not here yet, and it allows you to vibrationally be in that so that when you experience it, gratitude is the unifier of the reality you want. If you can feel gratitude on the inside for something that's not here already, you can then eventually see more and more evidence of it in your outer world. Realize that's all the outer reality is anyways. It's a reflection of the inner reality. If you could feel gratitude for this now it changes absolutely everything. This is what's changed my life the most. I've applied this process to becoming successful on YouTube, to becoming successful in life, to have an amazing relationship with people.

It has to do with non-attachment, has to do with the higher-level paradigm. There's something that I teach that's called the shift technique, which helps people to do this naturally so that they don't have to desperately want something and it's also a step by step process for how to go about manifestation in a higher-level paradigm. This is for people that are tired of the law of attraction, old school ways of going about it, the desire and all of that stuff and the desperation of wanting something and feeling like the more you want it, the more you repel it. This is about understanding a higher level of consciousness and how to attract by letting go of the outcome, using, keeping it natural and seeing it as natural for you to manifest what you want. This is smoother, this is more fun. It's also a more fun process as well.

If you didn't know, I do have something that's called mind shift. Meditation is a pro is a process and a program that helps you to do exactly this. It helps you to manifest what you want from a state of non-attachment and also to have fun while doing it, to knowing that potential reality already exists. All you got to do is embody that now. There are meditations that help you wire that in and it changes your identity from the inside out so that that's natural for you.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.