The Dangers of getting STUCK in a Parallel reality REVEALED

I will show you how to not get stuck in a parallel reality. You may be stuck and don't even know it, and I'm going to show you how to go beyond that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how you may be stuck in a parallel reality and not even know it, and this has to do with understanding for his obvious, the autopilot mind, the way that we think, how our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings are consistently shifting us to a parallel reality that is equal to whatever that which we identify with. And you can honestly kind of look at this from the point of view of the movie, the Matrix, one of a movie that I really enjoy that I watched years ago.

What is the movie? The Matrix, which I'm sure you've seen it before and if not, you should definitely watch it. And it has to do with understanding how there's this metaphor in reality that reality isn't what it seems. The Matrix is a represented by an autopilot way of thinking where many people believe that that is who they are. It's kind of like going into a video game and believing that you are the Avatar and then finding out that the game itself is a virtual reality and then you go through different experiences of waking up to more of who you are and that's what the movie, The Matrix is about.

It's just using the metaphorical type way where people are like fighting and stuff and then there's like ways they use the mind to hack reality. There's a cool part in the movie as well where Morpheus is like what is real that which is interpreted by your senses which are like thought, which are like vibrations, interpretations to protections of vibration.

And it really kind of puts the script on us cause then we could see that what we perceive of in our reality is an interpretation of vibration and vibration is everything. That's what quantum physics shows us. Everything is a different rate to vibration of the same thing. Now when we look at parallel reality shifting, it's important to understand that most of us are on autopilot. It's just the way it is. If you look to the teachings of Doctor Joe Dispenza, he says the same thing. He says, you're Lithion and the record of a path of the past. And if you consistently, I think the same thoughts, you're going to feel the same emotions.

You're going to do the same things and it's going to keep this perpetual cycle going over and over and over again. And what happens is, we keep having what is called groundhog's Day, where we do the same thing over and over and over again. I know when I had my old nine to five job years ago, I would go into work every day. Sometimes I'd have almost the same conversations. Yes, some of the customers would change. I worked in women's shoes, so I was helping different people, but it's sometimes even similar situations. And then at the end of that day, I'd go back home and I would do similar things and it felt like this autopilot type reality.

In a way it was because I was thinking the same thoughts. I was feeling the same emotion. I was doing the same things and when it comes to understanding us shifting through different parallel realities, if we stay tied to the same level of thinking, if we stay tied to the same thoughts every day, the same emotions every day and the same actions every day, we will create the same type of experience every single day and understand that the paradox of this is that you can never actually be stuck in a parallel reality.

You can never actually be stuck in it because we are shifting every single moment. It's just that some people may create the experience of this same thing over and over again, but we're shifting to the same experience over and over again because of our familiarity with what is comfortable. So we use reality in that way and many times it may just be the definition itself, the definition of I am stuck. Well then we create the experience over and over again of being stuck because of that vibration.

That vibration has an actual feeling to it. There's a certain level of resistance of being stuck in that parallel reality time line. If you do the same things every day, you feel the same motions every day, you think the same thoughts every day, then you're going to get the same results every single day.

But it's new results. However, it'll appear to be the old results that appear to be groundhogs date. So you see this changes the game because then you see, well, if I'm shifting regardless, why don't I just create a Google, a greater degree of change from where I am to “where I want to be”. So where I am, where I want to be, well, most people do is they create from the record of the past like doctor Joe Dispenza would say, or they recreate the same level of thinking from the consistent thoughts, feeling and emotions they have over and over and over again.

Of course, this is completely new parallel realities over and over and over again, but the definitions of being stuck or the definitions of being comfortable of what we think reality is, we'll keep that going over and over and over again. The key is creating the greater degree of change from this reality to this reality and understand this, this reality and this reality they both exist at this moment. Right now they're just vibrating at different frequencies and the same way that we made tuned to a certain channel on the television, you made tuned to ESPN.

You made tune into HGTV much than tear down houses and rebuild them. You may tune yourself to MTV. You may tune yourself to the news. Whatever channel you tune to is the one you're going to vibrationally resonate with, but here's the thing, you cannot change the channel you are on. This is one of the newest insights I've had about personal development in general. Many times we will try to change ourselves. There is no change. There is only shifting because you see the parallel reality version of you that still hasn't gotten out of that stuck parallel reality that still exists.

Just at the same way that you might be watching ESPN and understand that HGTV still exists. You don't try to change espy ESPN. What you do instead is you tune to a new frequency of a new version of you. Changes in illusion. Change is an illusion. Instead it's about shifting. Shifting is the new transformation because we're shifting. You shift your identity with it instead of identifying with the person that's always thinking the same thoughts, feelings, emotions, doing the same thing. You can then instead transform and shift to the reality prefer you can let go of the past.

When you stay tied into the past of the old identity, you keep some of that energy momentum going in the new reality. Instead understand you're constantly shifting. Just like you might change the channel to a new channel. You're tuning to a new frequency. If you want. You could go to the old identity. You could go back from HGTV to ESPN if you want to, but you might find is that when you go from maybe the news to a new channel, you feel a lot better and then you don't really want to go back. You're like, “why do I want to pay attention to the news and have it bring me down?” And focus on this part of the negative parts of that happened in the world and have me emphasize with my thoughts and my emotions and getting triggered to feed into this the old reality.

You know what, I don't prefer that anymore. I prefer to stay tuned to a channel that makes me feel good and I enjoy shark tank or I enjoy OA are the two shows I like, but then I stay tuned to it but I wouldn't go to a channel that I don't like. I put on Netflix shows before that I think I might like and I realized I don't like them, but then what I do is I just don't watch them if I don't like them. But what many people do is they find something they don't like and they stay focused on it and they stay focused on it and they think they have to stay focused on it.

When you can always change your focus in the same way, don't stay tuned to a Netflix show yet. Don't tune into to a new one in the same way. Don't do something in reality that you don't prefer to do and think that you have to stay locked into it. It's like you've all, you've already watched two seasons and there's like six more seasons and you're like, well, I've already watched two seasons. I might as well watch the other six.

You don't have to. If you don't prefer that reality, change your focus. Change your thoughts, change your beliefs about reality, change the way that you see yourself and you'll get a new reality, but it's about choosing something new, not changing the old reality. This makes reality a lot more fun. This makes reality a lot more loose because then you could see it's more about vibrational resonance. When we look at the world, we can then identify the different frequencies we want to experience and then choose to resonate with it.

But that comes from a point of choice. There's always choice. We choose how we respond to what happens in our life. Things have no built-in meaning. So, I can't do the khaki stuff I normally do where I, walked from one side to the other and I'm like, I got it on. Maybe I can. So normally what we do though is we have something that happens in our life and in the moment something happens.

If we give it a negative meaning we then go on the negative, the negative channel, both channels exist. The key is choosing to give things a positive meaning because then you will experience a positive channel, but then again it's choosing, not creating your own reality thing. You don't have to ever create your own reality. Every probable reality you can imagine already exists because everything exists here and now as you move you are shifting through these different parallel realities. That's what time is.

Time is the movement through different parallel realities. It's just that we have memory so we're able to tie all these together and go, well, there is time. The only moment is now. It's just that there's different perceptions of the same now moment. So we experience through memory the linking together, because I can remember that I just went like this. I can then link them together and say, didn't I just do that? So for this understand that the power is understanding, that if you are stuck in a parallel reality, it is because of the identity it is because of the choice of the thoughts.

They're just comfortable. You're taking them over and over and over again. You're staying tuned to a channel that you may not prefer unless you're stuck in a very positive parallel reality. But the words stuck implies no choice. Many people are stuck because they are in a more of a victim mindset. Things are happening to them and there's nothing they can do about it. And I know that sounds kind of harsh to say, but I've been through pain growing up. I know what that's like. I'm not saying it from a level of entitlement. I get it that it's hard and it can be hard, but a lot of times the belief we have that it is hard is what causes it to be hard.

And the belief that we are stuck is what causes us to believe stuck and the belief that we're a victim is what causes more and more experiences in our life for us to reflect back to us that we are. When we can change that identity, we can change that parallel reality track anytime we want with choice. Choice is more powerful than decision. The word decision means to cut off from, so it's like do you have certain choices but you're going to cut off certain choices and you have to choose something.

Choice is something that's very empowering because it's not like you have to cut off anything. It's like you just choose. You're not given a finite number of two things. You can decide. Given a choice and in every moment when you choose, you have more ability and you have more power, so stuck is an illusion created by our definition. I say this before about other things as well. Parallel reality of waiting. Some people are waiting for things to happen. The vibration of waiting is a vibration in of itself instead of focused on time of when will something happen.

Focus on being in the moment because then that's a separate reality frequency. There's many different frequencies. There's a frequency of stuck. There's a frequency of flow state. There's a frequency of love. There's the frequency of anything you can imagine. What are you tuning to? What channel are you tuning into? They all exist, but if you find yourself watching the second season of a Netflix show that you don't prefer to watch but you feel like you have to, change the definition, change the channel, change the Netflix show that you're tuned to. So with that, if you'd like, I have a meditation that'll help you to raise your vibration to a higher state of consciousness. If you listen for 21 days, I think it can change your life.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.