3 Ways to Increase the Vibration of Thoughts so you manifest FASTER


I'm going to show you three ways to raise the vibration of your thoughts so that you manifest easier than ever. These are things that I wish I knew a long time ago because I would have been going about my intentions in a very different way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you the three ways to increase the energy of the thought frequency you have. Understanding, yes, your thoughts create your reality, but even more important than your thoughts creating reality and the actual thoughts you have is the energy behind the thoughts you have because the quality of thought many times is more important. The quantity of thought. This is something first off that has to do with understanding the scale of consciousness right here, so have a scale of consciousness.

You'll see shame, fear, guilt, anger, a travesty. You'll see that of reasoning that just of the mind. Then you'll see love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. Let me ask you a question. Where do your thoughts lie within this scale? You could almost look to any thoughts you have those thoughts you predominantly have. If you have thoughts of like shame, fear, guilt, fear, like, can I do this? I don't know if I could do this, would it be scary if I stepped into this unknown thing? Then that's a vibration of fear. The thing is that it may cause negative synchronicity, but if you want to manifest something and it's because the intention you have is to gratify your own ego, it may only resonate at like a 200 level, like the level of courage without going beyond that. But I'll tell you right now, if you increase the frequency of your thoughts, you will manifest things easier than ever.

That’s why this is about purifying your thought frequency as you go through the process of manifestation. This is something I applied that really works. The first one that I want to share with you has to do with you raising your own frequency by understanding your thoughts in correlation with who you are as a person. What I mean by this is your past experience. Anytime something happened in the past, you gave it a meaning, that meaning you gave it then something many times that was on autopilot that continues to create your own reality. The key to this is becoming aware of those meanings. Let me give you some examples. You all reprimanded when you were a kid, maybe you were walking, and somebody said to walk in line, and then you had to walk in a line or something like that, and you start filling of a shameful, am I walking in line?

Maybe you were going to be playing kickball and you had a light up or something like that, but you didn't line up with the yellow. Dot. You're supposed to line up at the yellow dot. But you didn't. Okay. Well, what could have happened is maybe you stopped, Oh, I'm not supposed to act out of place. I got to do exactly what I'm told. And from that point on, that was the meaning you gave it, and it kept doing a vibration of fear of actually expressing who you really are. That was a meaning you gave it. Maybe you know my past, what I've shared before with having an abusive ex stepmom in my life between seven and 15 years old, she was in my life and from experiences with her, I felt very unworthy. I gave it a meaning that said that I'm not worthy.

When everything in my life changed, when I raised my vibration is that when I gave that same event a completely new meaning, I then saw that those events of growing up, of feeling unworthy led to my spiritual awakening. I gave it a new meaning. The first step to this process of purifying your thought frequency is about giving new meaning to old situations, new meaning to old situations. That's what allowed me to raise my frequency, my thought vibration. That's why now I believe I lived the life of my dreams because I believe that that's a natural consequence of me having those pure thoughts, which I'll be sharing more about as well because it has to do with a mix of purifying thoughts but also a mix of increasing the thought frequency. What's I'll show you how to do, but the first step is becoming aware of the past meetings that you've been given and things.

The second thing you must do in order to purify your own thoughts, let me see exactly. Okay, so it is actually purifying your own thoughts and understanding the power of adding value, the power of doing what you're meant to be doing, of having a pure intent. Think of it like this. I actually read this in the book autobiography of a Yogi. If you haven't read that book, it's an amazing book. It's by Yogananda who documents his journey through the environment. He says there are thought frequencies everywhere. What happens is you are tuning to certain thoughts and aligned you to certain thoughts, very similar to what Abraham Hicks says, what happens is when you go out into the world, depending on the vibration of your thoughts. They are allowing you to perceive a certain bandwidth of information, a certain bandwidth of realities.

The more you purify your thoughts and you make them divine, the more divine your life will become. This is about understanding that your reality is in direct proportion to the quality of the thoughts you're having. The order goes back to LA today or in Miami right now, do you have any tips for people on how to, how to raise the vibration of their thoughts? Does anything come to you? She just woke up a little bit ago, so I don't know if she's going to be like, boom, boom, boom. Okay. Let me think. Yeah, you should've given me this before. You are raising the vibration of your thoughts. I think that there's something to be said about when you have those negative thoughts, acknowledging them, and knowing that they're there for a reason and not beating yourself up for having them.

That's a good point. Then so when they come, you're like, okay, well, where's this thought coming from, and how's it making me feel? Is it objective? True? Right. Yeah. Once you do that little process work through that, I feel like you can let it go. Thank you. That's important. That is important because I'm showing like how to purify your thoughts as they go up cause that's a common thing that will come up. These negative thoughts. What do you do with those negative thoughts? That's exactly what you do. You acknowledged them. A lot of people tried just to ignore them to pretend like they don't exist. Right. Or suppress them. Especially with the law of attraction because people are like, see my hair is long enough now so I could do the same thing she's doing trying to brush my hair. I just woke up. Okay, go brush your hair. I've got to go back to the video. Thank you. That was a Leeor Alexandra.

Here's something that happened when I started on YouTube. I realized that at first, I was getting on YouTube because I wanted to get out of my nine to five job, and I wanted to do what I love. Then what I realized is that if I made the thoughts, the intention of the videos, about how I can add value to people. More people wanted to stick around and watch my content, and because I had a purity of intent, my intent was to add value to others. Because we're all connected, it's like what you put out is once you get back, then it's you, you perceive of more and more of that divinity in your life more and more that the universe wants to help you in a way and wants to give you resources because you're using the resources you have with such pure intent.

I also realized that working at that nine to five job that I used to have was selling women's shoes. If I went into work every day and it was commission jobs. I was able to see every single day the energy of my thoughts versus the results that I got when I went in. It was all about me making my goals very contracted energy when I went in. And my intention was to add value, to have fun with other people, to enjoy and to raise the vibration, and to just add value in general and to help other people. I'd had the best days. The key to this is understanding, you can clarify the purity of your intent by knowing you have a purpose in life. When you connect to that purpose, everything in your life will begin to change. The key to this is trusting that process.

You don't know what your purpose is. Set the intention to find out. Set the intention to find out what you can be excited about, what adds value to other people. You'll see that then things begin to change. The purity of intent, understanding we live in a divine cosmic reality where we're all connected. What you put out, part of your intention is to add value in some way. Even if it's like you are a, you're passionate about creative work of making TV shows that still add value. It still increases vibration and makes people feel a certain way. It's about seeing what you do as adding value and then noticing that it begins to flow through. The only reason I've been able to do thousand plus videos in a date and you know, or in a row every single morning is because I allow this to flow through.

I get out of the way, and it's the intention of adding value. That’s why a lot of people stick around and like watching the videos because they feel that purity of intent and that flow state that flows. It's really not me, it's not the ego air in me. It's allowing it to flow through. You are a piece of the divine, and you can allow it to flow through in your art and your managing skills and whatever skills you have, you know, whatever you do for a living, whatever your nine to five, it's now the third way to raise the quality or the vibration of your thoughts is actually quite simple. It involves loosening up and having more fun. I realized this this last year especially the more successful I become, the more busy I've come, the more I valued my time, and the more serious things became.

I found that there were times I was just so focused on like thinking about my time in the form of money. Like I was like, Oh, I'm doing this right now at a store. I wish I had an assistant because I'm wasting my time. They're so much of me, as kind of making my ego very important in what I do. Very important. Did I realize the more I did it, the less I enjoyed things, and the more it tampered with my vibration? What I learned how to do, and I remember this as well, from having that nine to five job is the more fun you have, the more your vibration raises. Raise your state of being, when you raise your state of being, your vibration increases, and then you're able to manifest things easier. This is about understanding that you are this eternal spiritual being. We are here in this reality for a short period of time, and we're meant to enjoy it. Begin to enjoy it more, begin to enjoy it more, begin to just have more fun.

It was just like a pattern interrupt and like no meaning whatsoever. But at that old job I had, I would go around to the stock room, and I would do that all the time. People used to know that, and other coworkers would say it as well. We knew we were each other. We're in the back of the stock room was like this stupid little thing we did, but it would increase our vibration. We'd have more fun then we'd go out and help customers in a better state. The days I went in to help customers, and they have fun. It's like I would have the best days without even needing to intend for it so much, you know, have more fun. The more I've been on, I've been traveling for two months, and the more I focused on just having fun, just enjoying the process, the more my vibration is raised and the easier it's become to manifest these kinds of things in my life.


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