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I'm going to be showing you parallel reality shifting and I'm going to be showing you how what you want to experience already exists and how to tap into that frequency. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have what is called parallel reality shifting and showing you how to tap into the parallel reality you want to experience because the truth is it already exists. You don't have to choose it because it already exists at a certain frequency.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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That's what quantum physics is showing us. Quantum physics is showing us that every potential probability we can imagine already exists. Because think about this, we are infinite spiritual beans and the universe goes on for infinity. What determines what we experienced depends on our vibration and our state of being.

It depends upon our beliefs, and within our beliefs will be those frequencies. Think of it like this. I've used this analogy before, but it's the easiest way to look at it. Then I'm going to add a new way of looking at this as well because it's one that when I thought of yesterday, I was actually listening to a podcast the other day and this, this idea about our brain and what we interpreted in reality really made it click in for me.

Because sometimes when you think of parallel realities like it sounds so confusing. How was there this many parallel realities all and how am I experiencing just this one? The understanding is that there are different parallel realities and every single little micro movement is a totally separate frame. There's an infinite amount of frames. When we think of this, think of it like a film strip, the filmstrip analogy where you have the light shining through that in the film, and then the projector has the, on the projector you see the actual picture.

You know that if you were to take the film strip and stretch it out, every single one of those frames exists at the same time. And even though one may look very similar to another, they're totally separate frames. Even if they were like this, and then the other one, they're like this the same thing. There are still two totally separate frames in the same way. There's an incident number of parallel realities that exist.

Just like there's just like the frames all exist at the same time. It's just that we only perceive of it in a linear type fashion because in our reality we have time, space, a reality where we experienced things in the linear type way, but the frames all exist at the same time. It's just which reality frame are we tuned to, and this will depend upon our frequency in a way.

Think of it at the same time. If we look at a TV station or a television set and you use the remote, and you change the channel, you could be watching ESPN on one channel and then change it to CNN or Fox on another channel. Don't know why you would do that. No reason to watch the news. But while doing that, you know that at the same time they all exist. Which one will you experience?

The one that you tune yourself to and the same way you don't have to create the different stations. They already exist. This is why the key is tapping into the frequency of the reality you want, not creating it. It is a misnomer. It is an outdated idea that we create our own reality. This is the new Law of Attraction. You don't have to create your own reality. You don't have to attract that from over there to end the here because the reality you want to experience already exists.

It's about embodying the frequency of it, embodying the vibration of it. Your vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel in what you do. You change these three things. You changed the reality you experience. This is a game changer because then you see that creek once you want is easier than you could imagine so much easier because you don't have to work so hard and try so hard and make things happen from a state of lack because it's about biracial frequency.

If you save, I don't really, I don't have this. I want it. If you say I want it, you're saying I don't have it. But if it said you focused in the present moment on the frequency on you being that person, you eventually get that reflection in your life. What does that, that thing I was sharing when it comes to seeing and understanding something about the mind that will change the whole way you look at reality, there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist around us.

Knowing that we can only experience 9 million, you might say only 9 million. That's a lot. We, our brain can only dissect and 9 million bits of information in a moment. From moment to moment to moment. What determines what 9 million bits of information we experienced depend on our frequency. But at this moment right now, there are many other ways that we could perceive of reality, and we could say that there are many different variations of our reality, but the one that we will tune to will depend on our vibration.

This makes it a little bit easier to understand because then we see that what we want to experience already exists in our brain can only pick up that which feels relevant to our brain. It can only pick up all the nine bits of information that it relates to depending on his state of being dependent on what it thinks feeling does. It makes it a little bit easier to understand because then we could see, okay, if our mind can only pick up on this limited amount of information because, well, what is it? What is it? We can say, what is it that people see that see Auras or they're picking up on a little bit more bits of information that we all have the ability to tap into people that can see things that other people can't see.

Don't they'll focus on that and people train kits, train it out of themselves. However, we can only dissect 9 million bits of information at a time because that's what our brain can handle. This 3D physical avatar that we have in this reality, that's what it can feel. However, we can change what 9 million bits of information we dissect or that we interpret by changing our frequency because remember it all exists here, and now there's billions and billions of different information, bits of frequency that we can interpret, but we only experience that which we are the vibration of just like on a television set.

You only perceive that which channel you are tuned to, but what I'm sharing with you is that there are different channels. Imagine your whole entire life you've been focused on one television channel thinking that that's all there was. But what I'm doing now is I'm sharing with you, hey, there are different channels you can tune to the channel you want.

You can tune to the vibrational frequency which means how you think, feel and action of the channel you want. That is your remote control. Your remote control is how you think, feel and act and most people had been locked into the same frequency their whole entire lives because they just didn't know there are other channels to watch. You could turn off CNN, either turn off Fox News and you could tune to something that's much more fun, something that it's much more in alignment.

And by doing that you then perceive the reality of it by using your remote control, which is how you think, feel, and act. That's where the power is. This is what I want to share with you and I hope that you start to see. Here's the other part of this blog that I really want to share with you.

Reality is so heavy. When you think the reality is heavy when you think things you have to attract from over there in India, here it's very difficult to do because we're getting so much importance to those things. However, one of the ways I have found skip to the frames I want to experience a more parallel reality that I want is to just have more fun, to just have fun, have more fun, loosen up.

The more you think the reality is serious, the more serious it loosens up because then you increase your frequency and reality becomes more malleable. The better you feel, the more you perceive of a reality that is equal to how you choose to feel. The power of everything I'm sharing here is understanding your state of being.

It's understanding your vibrational frequency. It's understanding the emotions you have, and a lot of this is rooted in that of your beliefs. What do you believe to be true? Whatever you believe to be true is going to be reflected back to you. And if you believe in the old school Law of Attraction, then manifestation maybe pretty difficult. However, what I'm showing you is a new way of going about it.

You could say a way, it's a new belief system, but maybe this belief system is more in alignment with what we know with quantum physics and maybe by knowing this, it then makes manifestation so much easier, so much easier, so much he takes a deep breath and just understand things could be so much easier for you. You can allow it to be easy because you can see that what you want already exists and what your job is to embody the frequency of it.

Now, upon saying this, you may be tempted to say, okay, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to imagine that reality, that version of me and I'm just going to do. I'm going to act as that person who will work. What I'm sharing with you though is what you must do for this process to make it something that really works for you is tap into the energy of your heart and tap into your passion, your purpose in life.

Because that is the highest vibrational timeline you can experience. And when you tap into that high vibrational state, you take your soul with you learning about parallel reality manifestation or part of the reality shifting. What some people will do is like, okay, I'm going to fake it till I make it. And what they do is they go after the symbols in their life that they think they want.

The symbol being, money, relationship, all these things. Make sure you have your purpose and fused in there as well because life, there's these spiritual components of life that sometimes will in a way keep us in place and from holding us back in a way, holding us back from certain things if it's not conducive to our personal growth and to our soul. For example, as great as it might be to manage it, to imagine yourself winning the lottery using parallel realities shift. And what I'm sharing with you is don't do that.

Don't do that because 99.9% of the people that's not their passion in life is to put, is to put and hope that they win a lottery and for many people from a soul level, by trying to win the lottery, it's taken away from their actual mission and an annoyance. Externalizing power. It's hoping to get lucky. The reality we live in. What you want to get, you must give. And by winning the lottery that does.

There's no, there's no, you don't give anything up prior to winning the lottery and you can say, well, once I went on, but give it away to everybody. Now that normally doesn't happen and most people genuinely don't have that intention. The reason I'm sharing this aspect with you is that react, we're shifting for parallel reality to a parallel reality. As you look into a mirror, what do you see and whatever you want to get, you must first give because the mirror of reality changes. There's a mere like a reality that has to do with our parallel reality shifting as well.

If you want more respect from people, give more respect to people if you want to be and be around people that are more compassionate, be more compassionate towards people because what you give is what you get. Have a genuine intention of helping other people. And by doing that you will begin to see that you are of that vibrational frequency of the reality you want. There is a higher level vibrational part of you that did is on a highest probable timeline. The universe wants to work through you.

You are a divine being and by you doing what you're passionate about, by me making these videos and helping people and the way that I do for the people that do receive the help from making these videos, it's like the universe wants to flow through me. This information flows by ego, doesn't have to, doesn't have to do much, and that's the highest vibrational timeline. What I'm sharing with you is there is this component of your ego intending it to manifest using parallel realities, but there's also this higher aspect of you that has a purpose, that has a high vibrational intention. And that's what I'm saying to merge together, merge these two together because then reality will really work for you.

You will understand that you are a divine being. You will embody higher vibrational energy and your life will then begin to change in a very powerful way, but the key is understanding that what you want already exists. Your remote control is how you think, feel and act, how you think, feel and act. We'll lock you into the channel that you're currently experiencing and most people have been on the same channel their whole entire life, doing the same things every day, thinking the same thoughts that every feeling, same emotions every day and they haven't used the remote control in a new way.

They're on channel five they're on channel five that are on channel five, and I'm here just to say there's like a thousand other channels. The TV package you've got thousands of other channels, and you can tune to any of those by changing the button, which means you change how you think, feel, and act to get out of the autopilot mind. By doing that, you begin to tune into a different reality, and all of these realities is this.

That's what physics shows us. All these are x now, but which one will you choose and will you choose from awareness, so use that remote control and make a choice to choose a new channel if the channel you're experiencing isn't what you really want. With this and this, everything I'm sharing right now is a short, shorter look at what the shift experience is about.

The shift to experience as a digital program I'm making right now will also be a speaking tour that I'm going on, and it's going to help you to literally shift to a parallel reality of what you want to experience with all the principles I'm sharing today. It's a program that guarantees you one thing that by the end of it you will be in a totally separate new parallel reality.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.