What Is The Vibration Of Your Thoughts: Find Out By Reading This Blog


I'm going to show you the vibration of thought. I'm going to show the vibration of your thoughts, how you can find out what that is.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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This is about understanding the basis and the premise that a lot of times. We think that we are thinking thoughts when many times we are actually receiving thoughts. We are picking up on different frequencies that we may actually think are our own. When in actuality, there are thought-forms everywhere. This is something that has been talked about since early 1900, there was a book called thought-form, and in that book, it talks about this understanding. This has happened to you before, I've also explained this many times before, so maybe you heard it in other videos, but imagine you're thinking about something intensely on one part of your house.

You leave that part of your house, you go back to that part of your house may be the next day, and you find yourself thinking of very similar things. Well, is it that you see the neuro association of your environment, and it triggers you to what it was yesterday? Well, what I've found that I believe it is when you go to the inner side of the house. For this process, understand that we all have these different levels of vibration that have to do with us, and that has to do with how we are thinking, how we are feeling.

And we're picking up on these vibrations depending on where we vibrationally are. It depends on where we are. It depends on what we're linked up to. It depends on the environment. There are many different factors to this. But in general, when you think that you think different thoughts and your thoughts have power over you, it's many times you may be actually picking up on top of frequencies that are all around, and you think that they are your own. The power of this is knowing that first off; you do have to take responsibility for what you're thinking. Does it mean you have to claim it and make a story or know? This is my own thought. The key to it is taking responsibility for knowing that you can, in a way to develop your own gravity of the thoughts that you're thinking.

For example, if you're thinking of something, if you just say, Oh, well, I'm just picking up. I'm just influenced by my environment. It's a powerless type state. It may be true that you are being influenced by certain places you go to. There could be certain times I've talked about this before as well, walking through the Las Vegas trip, you may feel more of an inclination to go gamble or to go do something. And it's not just because it's there, but there are so many other people that have also been there thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions. And therefore, part of you may feel that energy and want to do something very similar because you can kind of feel it so, and you say, Oh, that's my impulse. That's my thought.

start to understand the energy and the gravity of your own energy. You can start to realize that the gravity of how important it is for you to receive thoughts that are more in alignment with who you really prefer to be. For example, let's say you're thinking of certain thoughts at this level. Say you are listening and watching a horror movie, and when you're tuned to that movie, it then also has a certain vibration. Maybe it's evoking fear out of people. Maybe you're also in a movie theater with many other people that are also feeling that same level of fear. And what happens is there's a certain frequency there, and normally maybe you wouldn't pick up on certain frequencies, but then after you, even you believed the movie theater, you start receiving other things, other thought forums, you start to go out, and you start to think about other things that are similar and in alignment with the movie that was a subtype of four movie.

You are also in an environment with maybe a hundred-other people that are also getting scared. There's a certain energy field there, and there is a certain level of vibration that as you're in a certain state, so remember that your state of being is what determines the level of vibration of what you are going to perceive up. When you start to realize that that it's all about the difference, it's all about the different states that you're in. You could then really start to pick up on a higher vibration of thought because you can start to let go of the things that don't serve. As you go to higher states of consciousness, what's your license? There's the different frequency of thoughts, which means that then you are picking up on a different frequency. You are also going to find yourself resonating with people that are on this higher frequency.

You're going to find yourself attracted to music on this higher level of frequency. The way people think as differently. They probably eat healthier at this higher frequency. You may have more of an impulse to eat nutrient-rich foods because of this higher level of frequency. What you are receiving are all just different frequencies that already exist that depend upon you and your own vibration and what you are receiving. If you want to change your rates or vibration of your thoughts, what you could then do is you can start to become aware of where your energy is and have your own environment. We all have an inner reality, and outer reality and the outer reality is a reflection of the inner reality.

That's one way that you can start to modify. You can begin to think of it like this. You are directing your thoughts, not controlling your thoughts. This is so important to understand because I remember when I was learning in meditation, I was trying to control everything, and I'm trying to control things. Guess what happens is resistance. Resistance creates more energy to where it's like, then you're in this lower vibrational state, but instead, you can be suaver. You can be cooler about it. You can allow yourself to recognize and to observe the thoughts that come in, and then you can direct them. And one of the ways you move up this vibrational scale is your willpower. It's your discipline. There are certain things I don't do because I know that it will lower my vibration. I remember I went to a Bashar conference, and I asked for a sharp question about what are called pendulums.

Are these thought-forms in a way these starts thought structures that we have around? It's almost like we're all connected to this universal mind, and some of us, when we're thinking of certain thoughts, align with these energy structures that have a certain momentum, and there are two sides. It's called the pendulum because it swings back and forth. When you are a part of a pendulum, a pendulum could be a football team; a pendulum could be a political party, a pendulum could be any perspective, or other people think something similar. You may then think I have my own thoughts, but really the pendulum may be influencing you. You may find yourself looking into Republican and Democrat and looking at these different perspectives, and then you start to become attached to one of them. Then you go out, and someone says something, you hear it more than you would normally hear it.

Most people are just in their autopilot mind being bombarded with information from their environment. People are trained to react and the level of the subconscious of this subconscious way of relating, we are just in the dust, the automatic mind doing the same things every day, feel the same motions every day, doing it, feeling, thinking the same thoughts every day. And those vibrations of thoughts will keep a certain wrapped us in a certain reality. If you're in a reality where you find yourself eating unhealthy food, you find yourself around other people that are like, well, why are you trying to get in shape?

What do you think you are cooler than all of us? What do you try to do? What are those two girls? What? What is that? That's the people at this level don't want you to go to a higher level. When it comes to this process, understand that it requires a little bit of willpower were to get up this vibrational scale, but the vibration of your thoughts that you think, Oh, these are my own thoughts. There are thoughts you are receiving depending upon your state of being. Probably the most important, the meaning you give things and the integrity you have as well. I would say that's a huge thing — integrity at the lower levels. You don't want to take from other people, man, they got all that money.

Why don't you get it off? They don't need it. I might take it from them or just someone else. I'm going to take it from this person. They might not know I take it. It's a certain paradigm. It's a certain paradigm now as you go up, and as you align more with the divine, that's what I really want to talk about. This divine energy, divine attention, aligning with what also adds value to other people. Because when you have that intention, you also pick up on thought frequencies of other things that are also in correlation with it. For example, cause more divine, you align your thoughts and the meaning you give things. The more you pick up on other frequencies of that divine. It's almost like, you know, people ask me how I do daily videos. Well, I'm not saying I'm some divine being that no one else is.

Everyone is divine. But because I have this intention of adding value to people through these videos, it's almost like the information just comes to me because it's a purity of thought and intention. And it's almost like the universe sees that I have this intention for this energy to come through and to help people and adds value to the whole, not just myself. Even in Elizabeth Gilbert's book, which is our big, it's called big magic, she's an author who wrote the book eat, pray love, but she has a book that's on how to write. And then she talks about how their chief believes there are these thought-forms that people if they listened to the message and they take that thought-form, and they write it into a book or making a video that then more thought forms will come to you.

Think about that. I thought it was interesting. She's not really an esoteric, PR author, or anything. But that idea, I was like, wow, that resonates exactly with what I've been teaching too, so the vibration of thought. Here's something. If you want to calibrate your own vibration, you're like, well, bro, what's my vibration? Well, guess what you can go to, what's my vibration.com go to? What's my vibration.com and what you'll see is my website where what I do is I have a survey that you fill out that will calibrate your vibration and reveal to you your vibration based on different archetypes. Then what I'll do is I'll give you two meditations that will help you to get to the next level of vibration. Plus, tell you a little bit about the vibration that you're at.

If you want to calibrate your own vibration code to what's my vibration.com, what's my vibration.com or what is my vibration.com I got both websites to pick one redecorated of you directly to the other, so try it out and see what your vibration is that then you know how you can get to the next level. Plus, you get a meditation that's perfect for you at that level of getting to the next level. The P the energy of what I wanted to share in this video is mainly that the more peer you make your thoughts and the more you have this divine thought, you start to align, direct your thoughts to the divine using your willpower. The more you'll find that your life becomes more divine.

One thing I want to talk about is learning boundaries. I remember when I started the process of spiritual awakening, it was kind of lonely. It doesn't have to be lonely. It's also a belief that I developed, but I would vegan like I did a lot of things like gay and some people are like, do which dude? It's fucking weird, dude. You're not doing the same stuff, dude. That doesn't mean you always have to say no, and the words bother me. You don't always have to say no, but what I mean is general and general have boundaries, have boundaries. It, you know, I don't watch war movies. I don't watch scary movies. I don't watch anything that lowers my state. I'm very proud, in a way, protective of my energy.

Not to say that I'm so nice and fragile that if something happened, I would just, it'd be like the end of the world, but what I am saying is I just direct the thoughts. I direct my energy in a more powerful way, and the key to this is starting to align with the divine aligned with the divine. That's really the key here. Align with the divine and realize you might be thinking thoughts but these dots they might be not just yours but also other people because we were all in this cosmic soup immersed in each other's energetic fields, and then we leave a trail of toxin aisle seven and we'd pick up on those socks, and other people pick up on those thoughts.

It's about being aware because the only time these negative thoughts can affect you is if you are also inner in line. If you are aligned with those thoughts on the inside, if you're of a higher frequency, it won't even attach to you. Sometimes I'll recognize it sometimes. It seems one attached to me. Normally I might get real mad about that, but guess what? If you're in a really good state that won't even affect them under one time I was with my buddy at the gym, and there was this a, I was in this locker section that we were at and I was talking to a friend and talking to my buddy and like another guy, another friend, and this guy comes in and he always likes to sit in this one spot and my bag was there because I was getting finished up.

The guy who hasn't owned the gym, he doesn't get to like dictate, you know, there are empty spaces on the other side. But he came in, and we were in this like high vibe conversation. He comes in, and he goes, can you move your back? Can I remember it like it was like making a big deal about it, and all I did was I was like, yeah, sure? I just moved it, and I like had no reaction, and almost emails probably felt dumb. Do you know what I mean? But it really didn't affect me.


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