Ascension into the 4th Dimension and Why it’s Happening NOW

I'm going to be sharing with you the ascension into the fourth dimension that is happening right now. I'm going to show you why at a deep level, you know this and what you can do to make this an easy transition part.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the ascension into the fourth dimension and understanding why it's happening right now on the planet and also sharing with you that at a deep level you knew that this was going to be the happened in this life. The main reason you came here was to go through this shift in consciousness and it's, of course, you have a purpose in life as well and no purpose will be tied to your passion, which is the highest frequency and there's a lot you can learn in life.

But the main reason there are almost 8 billion people on the planet right now is that there is a shift in consciousness happening and this shift in consciousness has to do with the dimensional shift, a dimensional shift in awareness. Before I go too deep into understanding this fourth-dimensional ascension that is happening, let's understand that there are different dimensional shifts when it comes to awareness.

Sometimes when we think of dimensions as well, we think of it in the form of different plates, like their dimension. Here I am, the fourth dimension, I'm going to be completely up there like it heaven or something like that. Understand that this is a shift in consciousness, but in this different shift in consciousness, the reality is totally different.

But let's go back to the different states of consciousness and understand three d reality. The third-dimensional state of consciousness. Is that a duality? It's good, Bad, light, dark. Also, think of the third dimension as the brain. The brain is polarized with left brain and right brain and the idea and the understanding is when we become attached to those ideologies, it keeps us in the third-dimensional state of consciousness.

That's why when you watched the news, it gets you kind of pulled into those states of consciousness into the three d. It's because it keeps you at a certain frequency band. You can only perceive that which you are the vibration up. When you're thinking of all this stuff that's happening on the news, you then look out into the world and assume that this is the way the world is. When in actuality it's very different.

But in general, the third dimension is a state where we have duality, good, bad, light, dark. A lot of times in three d reality, there'll be a level of control. There'll be a level of control when it comes to how things are running and the kind of information that's out there and that is something that's been on the planet for thousands of years.

The fourth dimension is about understanding time and space in a new way. There's still a certain level of duality. We can still have polarization, but it's coming from a much different place. The fourth dimension is more about understanding vibration. It's more about vibrational resonance and the fourth as well. Things become much more slippery when it comes to time. Time will appear to go by much faster.

Have you felt that recently? Have you felt like time has in a way sped up? That is because there is this quickening of vibration happening, but in general, when it comes to the fourth dimension, time becomes slippery. We don't think in terms of the past future present, we are more so looking and feeling that vibration.

This is also when we understand that space is more flexible. Time's flexible spaces flexible. This is when we'll realize that in a way life is a form of a dream and things in life become much more dreamlike. This is also when a lot of times timeline, splitting, timeline shifting. What happened with this is what we call them Mandela effect or some people believe that Nelson Mandela died at a certain time and then other people believe that the opposite.

This is because there's this bifurcation of timelines and there's a difference. There's this Mandela effect that happens based on people's perception, so there's more of this shifting that happens. 5D consciousness is unity consciousness. It's where we recognize the connection between off people. It's where we understand that we are infant spiritual beings living a temporary human experience, and the fourth dimension we start.

We understand that as well. We start to understand this connection that we have with everyone else, but the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness really is a level of consciousness that's purely in the heart. It's about understanding our connection to everyone else and that's why there'd be no war at all in the fifth dimension because other people are other versions of you.

Why would you do something bad to someone else like that when that's another aspect of you? There's a higher level of awareness there. The fourth dimension though, there's still a level of this physical reality where we can see it more dreamlike and there's an increase of vibration. This is when you focus more on how you feel in the 3D reality have to work really hard to manifest what you want.

4D realities about this alignment of energy, the alignment of the emotion and understanding that in this reality things become much more magical. If you were to look to Harry Potter, for example, the movie, that would be like a fourth-dimensional state right there. Of course, it'd be higher. It could be higher because there's a lot of stuff going on in that movie. But the magical type of stuff that happens is more in alignment with the fourth dimension.

It's like almost like we've become more magical Atlanta's times as well. You look back to Atlantis Times. There were abilities that we had that we could barely even imagine. When it comes to what we can do with crystals when it comes to what we could do, it's just we end up using it and not so good way and that's what brought us down back into a level of consciousness.

Without that magical type stuff that we could do, but now we're coming more aware of this and we're raising our vibration and going from carbon-based bodies to crystal and body, which means our bodies can carry more light. We're literally starting to turn our body into more and more light. That we understand a little bit about what these dimensions are.

Let's understand this ascension to the fourth dimension that is happening right now on the planet and what we can begin to understand is that the 1980s there was something called the harmonic convergence. The harmonic convergence had to do with an influx of energy that began to awaken people. Waking a lot of people to their mission as well.

But, into this understanding that there is this shift in consciousness about to happen on the planet and since then there have been more and more people waking up every single day and even now it's amazing how much it is avalanche since then and he might ask yourself, why are we going through this ascension? Well, first off it is simply a natural byproduct for certain cycles.

There are certain cycles that we go through in reality and this is one of them in a way. Think of it as well as we raise our vibration, we have the ability to let go of a lot of Karma, a lot of Karma that may have been built up for many, many lifetimes. We're back here to release that Karma and understand that we can let it go and as our vibration increases, we can deal with it faster than ever.

We can get through lifetimes of Karma in one little life because of this ascension into a higher vibration. This is essentially the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. Understand that this is a natural cycle. It's a natural way for reality works. However earth herself, the planet earth is an actual beam. This may sound a little bit out there, but planet earth is an actual beam.

We have that and we're kind of like the sales on planet Gaia. We are like the cell, so as the planet herself, you could call their Gaia. Gaia herself is going through the ascension of vibration. As Gaia, herself goes through this ascension of vibration. We as the cells on Gaia are also going through this shift in consciousness and you could say the same thing about the sun.

The light coming from the sun is transforming our consciousness. This is a whole evolution of consciousness happening. Let's look at why this may have happened and why this is happening now. Well, one, it's part of a cycle too. Let me tell you a little story and you tell me if this resonates with you. I shared this before in the video. It's maybe the second time you hear it, but here's what happened. Back in the 30s and the forties the 30s and the forties we started to create and have nuclear bombs.

Nuclear bombs are very powerful. They are also very dangerous. And these nuclear bombs that we were setting off on the planet, we were setting those off and those bombs, the energy from those bumps are going out into the universe and far out into the universe because that's how powerful those nuclear bombs are. What happens is in this reality, we have free.

What we have is this veil of forgetfulness, where we come to planet earth, we forget who we are so that we can remember who we are, will that free is honored unless we as a planet are influencing other reality systems with our own stupidity or our own ignorance. If that is the case, then there is divine intervention. What happened? His mother, Gaia put out a call into the universe, said, I need help. There was a call for help.

There was this understanding that Gaia herself needed help to transition into a higher dimension. Because she didn't want to have to destroy yourself. She didn't want the beans on the planet to destroy themselves, which would destroy her and nuclear bombs have the potential to do that, to destroy the whole planet and it's happened in the past as well.

This call was put out, it needs as a higher dimensional being because you let your core are high dimensional been we're in other reality systems on other planets doing some pretty cool stuff. You were maybe teleporting to different places because that's the fourth dimension in a higher state of thing that you could do. You were being able to read your friends and family telepathically because that's what you can do in the fourth dimension.

You can make things magically happen because that's the thing that you can do in the fourth dimension and hire many, many of us as well or exist in higher states of consciousness in that. However, these are things that we could do. But we heard that call, and we remembered that we had many lifetimes on earth back in the day and we had a special soft spot in our heart, a little soft spot where like I love the earth.

I remembered this earth is a very unique place because people from all over the universe, this is like a melting pot of people from all over the universe in many galaxies come to earth and it's like a melting pot and there are many different types of beans incarnated on earth right now. That's why there are so many different personalities and so many different types of people.

We said you know what? It's not going to be easy because I'm going to have to forget who I am and most reality systems, I remember who I am even as a baby and I'm grown up with this spiritual understanding that I'm a spiritual being, limited temporary human experience. I'm going to go to Earth, I'm going to forget totally who I am so that I can remember who I am, go through a spiritual awakening and then align with my mission and help other people on the planet awakened so that we go through this shift in consciousness together.

And along the way, I'm going to release some Karma as well so that I don't have to be so tied to the earth plane because when we built up Carmen, we've got to deal with it. We said you know what, out of compassion, I'm coming back to Earth. You'd started to come back to Earth. You had to also lower your vibration and your signature into such a low forum that you could come into this planet.

Some people say I don't want to be here is painful. I get it. You're such a high vibrational being, every single one of you that yes, it is dense to be here, but you can handle it. You wouldn't come here if you couldn't handle it. You chose to come here to help awaken the planet and you knew as well that this is one of the most exciting times to ever be alive because never before has a whole entire planet moves into a higher dimension in a body the way that we are.

Yes, it's happened in certain ways. Certain societies have done it, but the whole entire planet is going through this shift in consciousness right now and over the next period of time on the planet, there's going to be more transformation than ever before because of this. And you came to be a part of it and you're one of the first to wake up. If you're watching my videos, you know that as well. You're one of the first people to wake up cause you wouldn't have woken up if this didn't resonate with you.

You wouldn't have woken up and read on this blog. Even it means at a deep level. This resonates with you. Let's understand as well. This is something I believe. I believe we are already in the fourth dimension. All of us. Some people say the fourth dimension is time. We're in the fifth dimension. In general, we are in the fourth dimension in this dreamlike reality.

Dreaming that we're still in the third dimension because you see there's a certain momentum that the thoughts, we think there's a certain momentum to the co-creative powers understand that just like you create your own reality, all of us together are teamed up creating our own collective reality. It's just that there are certain old structures like the old political structure of the old days, the old guy that has momentum, so we're letting that that wheel spin out and slow its role and then we're going to assert this new way of being.

However, we are in the fourth dimension, creating the illusion that the third dimension is still here and it becomes even harder and harder to engage with it if you noticed that, that it just drains your energy because you're not in the vibration of it anymore. You may try to pay attention to all the news and try to pay attention to this and try to pay attention to that, but it's harder because your vibration is quickening.

There's this more contrast that's happening. Understand that for the fourth dimension, it's already here. It's just aligning with it. Understand that your beliefs about reality control, your kind of experiences. If you believe that reality is very fixed, very hard, very slow, very hard to manifest, that's a 3D level of consciousness. How about reality is more like a dream. The more you know that the more dreamlike and becomes the time and space is flexible.

You'll notice that time starts to slip away. You'll notice that you're just so in the moment that it not only feels better, but things happen faster than ever. That's because your vibration is increasing and as time goes on, it will keep on doing that because your vibrational continue to increase something that it also shutting with studying with the Schumann residents, the residents of the planet has been increasing.

This is something that can be measured as the planet increases. So does our physical bodies. We are going through this shift in consciousness just as the planet herself is going through this shift in consciousness and we will continue to go through this shift in consciousness. Understand that the reason this fourth-dimensional shift happening now and in a certain way, it's already happened. We're just raising our vibration and lowering and letting go of the old momentum.

We can then start to be with it. We can start to align with it more and more. Be present to the moment and one of the keys to this is doing what you are passionate about. When you're doing what you're passionate about, you're doing and aligning with your soul's frequency, which is what you're meant to be doing. When I make these videos, I'm in my soul's frequency.

I can make two or three of these videos in a row because I've done my soul's frequency, but that's my, that's what puts me in a high vibration because it's my purpose and maybe your purpose is similar. Maybe it's different, but find out what that is. Get to your core, set the intention to find out what that is and it will start to come to you. You'll notice it pop out in your life. Oh, I can do this.

I can do that. Be aware of it, follow your passion and raise your frequency. The more you raise your vibration in the morning, you help this planet ascend as the best thing you can do. You want to help with this board. He shifts. Raise your vibration, let go of things that no longer serve, do what you're passionate about and as you do all of this, you will raise your vibration and you will make this shift easier than ever.

That's the fourth-dimensional shift that's happening right now on the planet. Ascension into it. Something you meant to go through. Your body is literally transforming from carbon-based a Christian base as we speak. It will continue to happen. Let me know in the comments what you think of this ascension.

 Are you enjoying it? Can you feel it? Do you feel like time is fed up and your comment below? Also, I have a raise your vibration mP3 that will help you to raise your vibrational set point. This will help you to rise into the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.